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Wonder Woman Wednesday: ‘Wonder Woman ‘77 Meets the Bionic Woman #2’ Review

After much anticipation, today sees the release of issue #2 (of #6) of the epic fantasy crossover between DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment: Wonder Woman ’77 Meets the Bionic Woman!

Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman were two wildly popular shows in the ’70s starring Lynda Carter and Lindsay Wagner, respectively. When DC Comics gave Wonder Woman the Batman ’66 treatment, Andy Mangels (Writer/Actor/Singer) was genius enough to pitch a crossover between the two small screen icons. In a rare and unprecedented move, the powers that be greenlit the project to the delight of comics and ’70s nostalgia fans every where. The book is a huge hit and will hopefully warrant a sequel of sorts.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Steve Trevor and Steve Austin in some sort of shirtless wrestling misunderstanding situation.

Possible Spoilers Below

After a fabulous first issue of girl power, let’s delve into Issue #2, shall we? Writer Andy Mangels continues to spin an exciting yarn that could easily fit into the continuity of either character’s TV series.
In the way that Stranger Things goes beyond capturing nostalgia – rather creating something that was filmed in the era that it is “homaging” – I feel Wonder Woman ’77 Meets the Bionic Woman manages to achieve that same magic effect. It’s something that can’t be forced without sacrificing authenticity.
Diana and Jamie continue to join forces against fictional evil group d’jour “Castra,” and Diana reveals her true identity to the Bionic Woman. Further proving that Andy Mangels is the perfect writer for this series, there is so much attention to detail, authenticity, and nostalgia. And if you want Easter Eggs, there’s no shortage of them in this series. Fans of the shows will be delighted to pick them out. For the casual reader, it would be cool if the trade paperback had a list of Easter Eggs and maybe an interview with Andy about his planning and research.

The art of Judit Tandora has seemed to rapidly increase since the first issue. It will be nice to see how she evolves over the series. I have to say I much preferred the color art by Roland Pilcz this issue. It seemed to amp up and complement the art to a greater effect.  

And I don’t feel this is a spoiler, as the image appears on the cover, but we get the WW diving suit!!!! YAAAAAAAAASSS!

I can’t wait for the next issue! I hope the powers that be keep rolling with the Wonder Woman ’77 crossovers. The ’70s ruled!

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Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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