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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Spotlight on Nicola Scott

Readers of Wonder Woman Wednesday and Wonder Woman should be quite familiar with the name Nicola Scott.  Nicola is the Australian artist who just finished a successful relaunch, co-manning the artist duties with fellow veteran Liam Sharp alongside writer Greg Rucka. (Liam will continue his contribution to Wonder Woman: Rebirth for the foreseeable future, as I understand.)

A ten-year veteran, Nicola is something of a Wonder Woman herself. Defying all odds, Nicola entered a field that’s notoriously difficult to break into and one that didn’t have many women at the time. All built on the desire to draw Wonder Woman . . . She came. She saw. She conquered. As any good Amazon would.

After fate finally brought her to her dream job, Nicola pulled no punches. The work she has left us with is quite simply stunning.

Head still spinning from a hugely successful “rebirthing” of Wonder Woman’s origin, Nicola took to her Instagram account to say a few words about her experience. So eloquent and touching, I was happy she gave me permission to share with my readers her beautiful words.

“So, I just finished my All-Time-Dream-Job under completely all-time-perfect circumstances.

Wonder Woman was the reason I decided to draw comics, before I was even a regular comic reader. I had no idea where to start, who to talk to, how it was done, I just knew I wanted to draw Wonder Woman for a living.

A few years in, when I had some perspective and a little experience, I came to reali[z]e how big a goal that might be but I had also refined the specifics of it: I really wanted to work with Greg Rucka on an origin story.

Many years past, many near misses, and I had quietly decided to put the dream to rest for a decade or so. It just wasn’t about to happen.

But then it did.

A huge thank you to Greg for taking me with you on this ride and being THE MOST inclusive collaborator I’ve ever worked with. Thank you to Romulo for making everything I drew look so beautiful. Thank you to Liam for sharing Diana with me. Thank you Jodi for your clever lettering ideas and thank you Doyle, Tay, Conroy and DC for shepherding #TeamDiana through. I’m so very happy and grateful that my dream came true!

And thank you to everyone who’s been reading and enjoying the series. Year One is over but the story continues! There are details to come that will reveal more layers to what you’ve already read. INTRIGUE!!!
xx Nicola.”

Nicola’s off to return to work on her wildly successful supernatural crime series, Black Magick, from Image Comics with writer and co-creator Greg Rucka. Alas, I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her Wonder Woman. And you certainly haven’t seen the last of Wonder Woman Wednesday. Go and check out the “I Am Wonder Fan” Facebook Page.  I’ll see you here next week.

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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