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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Top Ten ‘Wonder Woman’ Artists: Part 2

Not too long ago, we gave you the first part of the Top Ten Wonder Woman Artists. After a brief respite, we now give you the top 5 Wonder Woman artists.

A reminder: This is merely my opinion. There is nary a Wonder Woman artist I don’t like. This list compiles the artists that I like the most or feel have contributed to the mythos of “Wondy” in an impactful way.

So, without FURTHER, further ado… here we go!

5. PHIL JIMENEZ: What top Wonder Woman artist list would be complete without Phil? He’s the biggest WW fan working as a professional and has made memorable contributions to many incarnations of WW, notably “Gods of Gotham” pitting Diana against Batman’s villains which is cool AF.

4. GEORGE PEREZ: Most would argue that George deserves a higher ranking on this list, and, normally, I would agree. There is no way to put value on the contributions George Perez had in shaping Wonder Woman. Perez remains the best and one of my favorite superhero artists of all time. His skill and detail are unparalleled.

3. ADAM HUGHES: The beauty and whimsy Adam brought to his impressive run as cover artist on Wonder a Woman is my favorite all-time version. Perhaps it’s because you could sense a glimpse of Lynda Carter in Hughes’ rendition; perhaps he captured WW’s beauty, finding the balance between butch and pervy. I’ll always lament the ill-fated All-Star Wonder Woman limited series Adam was proposed to pen and ink, even supposedly having finished much of it. Such a shame. The scarce preview images I had seen were stunning. Perhaps one day?

2. LIAM SHARP: Don’t call it a come back! I was so excited to see Liam’s name attached to WW Rebirth, as he had been one of my favorite artists in the past. I thought he had disappeared, but, apparently, he was never gone. Fate called to Liam, and he has honored Wonder Woman in a way few other artists have. He is full-on committed to delivering his best WW and doesn’t take for granted the responsibility of delivering a Diana fans will love. And his version of Cheetah is possibly one of the best character redesigns ever. (DC Direct, are you listening?)

1. Yannick Paquette: Yannick is one of those 20-year “over-night” successes. As a matter of fact, Wonder Woman was Yannick’s first regular assignment, and you would not have known. I think he pulled it off fairly well and gave us a nice-looking Wonder Woman. Fast forward to Paquette’s work as artist on the Wonder Woman: Earth One original graphic novel. Not only does he manage to translate the insane genius of Grant Morrison’s excitingly fresh script, he does it with the most beautiful detail and imagery of any true modern art master. A real full-circle moment; however, will he top himself on the sequel? I bet he’ll manage somehow. In the meantime, he gave us a sexy Dick Greyson in Nightwing Rebirth and is kicking major butt on variant covers for DC Rebirth. (A renaissance within a renaissance, if you will!) Magnifique, Yannick!

Some honorable mentions include: Trina Robbins, Jose Garcia Luis-Lopez, Darwyn Cooke, and, of course, her co-creator, H.G. Peter.

I’m sure I’m missing a ton; cast me not to Hades. Once again, this is my list. I don’t know why I like ’em… I just do! Please share your faves.

We’ll be back next week with a look back at 2016! (Hera help us!!) In the meantime, check out, like, and comment at the “I Am Wonder Fan” Facebook page.

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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