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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Your Week in Wonder

Greetings, fellow Amazons! I hope you all had a lovely week.

Although there’s something to be said about Wonder Woman, sometimes, there’s too much. So, this week I thought I’d discuss a few various going-ons in the world of Wonder Woman, like water cooler stories… (You know, if you worked in office filled with people all obsessed with Wonder Woman.)

First up: the internet has blown up with sneak peeks of gorgeous bombshell Sofia Vergara who plays Gloria on the ABC hit show, Modern Family, dressed as Wonder Woman! The costume is presumably for an upcoming Halloween episode and, needless to say, Sofia does our beloved Amazon perfect justice! Can’t wait for this one.

Meanwhile, the bi-monthly Wonder Woman Rebirth title continues to scorch. It’s so bizarrely satisfying to see Greg Rucka weave the tales of Wonder Woman’s origins with her current crisis of faith, juxtaposed with her raw newness to the “man’s world,” giving us the perfect vehicle for us to discover her through her own self rediscovery.

We have parallel stories working toward each other as we have Cheetah teaming with Diana on hand and Barbara Minerva being brought in for her expertise before even becoming Cheetah. Well done. It makes one clamor for more, that’s for sure.

The beautiful and different art teams of Liam Sharp and Laura Martin (on current Wondy) and Nicola Scott and Ramon Fajardo Jr. (on Year One Wondy) get better and better with each passing issue. There’s a wonderful synergy between them.  They are very detailed and thoughtful artists, and I still debate which one draws the hotter Steve Trevor.

Speaking of artists – kudos to artist Nicola Scott for currently being featured in Australian Vogue. If that weren’t enough, she’s featured as a guest judge on the Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Celebration episode of Cupcake Wars currently airing on the Food Network!

Okay, that’s all the water cooler chit chat I have time for. I’m going to go and make um.. xeroxes?

See you next week! And, as always, be sure to check out the I Am Wonder Fan Facebook page.

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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