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Wonder Woman Wednesday: The Bionic Wonder Woman 

Although Wonder Woman has always been my favorite, it’s fair to say the Bionic Woman gave Lynda Carter a run for her money. Although you may think that Lindsay Wagner’s blonde hair would give her the edge, one would have to consider the deep blue pools of Carter’s eyes and be lost in the abyss.

Suffice it to say, while it’s impossible to pick a favorite, it’s no longer impossible to imagine a team-up! Thanks to Dynamite publications, the two iconic stars will be united in a brand new comic book team up.

Andy Mangles pitched and will be handling the writing chores on the series. I think we’re in good hands. If you can find a bigger aficionado than him on either subject, you won’t. Featuring solid interior artwork by Judit Tondora and beautiful cover art by Alex Ross and Cat Stags, fans are in for a visual treat.

For anyone who’s desired a meeting between two of the most iconic ’70 action heroines, here’s your answer. It will be available on December 7th. Now if we can get that Wonder Woman/Charlie’s Angels team up, how groovy would that be?

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Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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