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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Wonder Woman for President

Wonder Woman for President is hardly a new concept, as it’s been touted about long before gracing the cover of the first issue of Gloria Steinem’s feminist magazine, Ms., In 1972. The concept goes back to Wonder Woman #7 in 1943. It’s fairly typical for fans to wish their favorite characters or celebrities would become president during an election year. Imagine how thrilled “Bedtime for Bonzo” fans must have been when Reagan took office?

What’s rare is when said dreams to come true. Sort of.

As if Tyler Hoechlin’s bootylicious Superman casting wasn’t enough, the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, will join the cast of Supergirl in its sophomore season switch to the CW. And who could Carter play that would be as exciting and important as Wonder Woman? The President of the United States, naturally! That would be totally cool if they cast Lyle Waggoner as the first husband. (But I’m getting greedy!) Aside from the fact that it will be a recurring role, few details have emerged on the specifics of Carter’s appearance.

In one of the most terrifying elections in memory, the thought of Wonder Woman for President is a rather appealing one. Granted, being a native of Paradise Island would disqualify her, but she’d have my vote in a heartbeat.

I guess that’s it for another Wonder Woman Wednesday. See you back here next week and as always be sure to check out “I Am Wonder Fan” on Facebook.


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