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Wonder Woman Wednesday: New WW Trailer from SDCC Is a Home Run, Slam Dunk, Mic Drop… Etc.!

Let me catch my breath. I don’t even know where to begin. The new Wonder Woman movie trailer that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con last week is flawless… absolutely flawless!!!

Unless the editors have a deal with the devil, the WW feature film is shaping up to be the BEST superhero/Greek legend film ever, if not the best film ever. As a victim of payless work for a good cause, I would officially like to start the WW Film Oscar campaign.

“You’re a man,” says Princess Diana to Steve Trevor on the shores of Paradise Island. Yes, you are! Yes, you are, hot-as-Hades-with-equally-smoldering acting chops Chris Pine. I once thought he would shoulder the movie, now it’s evident he is most fortunate to be along for the ride.  I hope they come up with a fun way to include him in a sequel.  Purple ray/suspended animation comes to mind.

It’s as if the gods (or at least the Gods of Hollywood) have been listening to me directly. When Steve asked if she had never seen a man before… she must have a father, blah, blah, blah… she stated she didn’t have a father, she was brought to life by Zeus.




One of the problems (I had) with the New 52 origin was that Diana was the bastard child of Hippolyta and Zeus. My grievance lies in the fact that it not only makes Hippolyta look like a hoe-bag, it apes Perseus’ origin and it diminishes one of the things that makes WW’s origin so great: She was born from love and an indisputable desire to make life continue. Isn’t that why we’re all here anyway?

Batman is survivor guilt. Superman is survivor guilt. Wonder Woman is here because we need her. She don’t need us.

From start to finish, the new Wonder Woman trailer is a text book example of what a movie should be. We have action, we have excitement, we have story, and (Gods forfend!) we have joy.

That lasso!

OMGs (Oh my gods!) who needs a freaking sword?!? The scenes of Wondy using her lasso with surgical precision make me want to go to a rodeo! It looks so much better than I could have ever imagined. It’s her signature. It makes her unique. It makes gun wielders look like p-words.


The portrayal of the Amazons looks so amazing that I wouldn’t be upset if they got their own movie. Legendary Amazon Antiope is being played by legendary actress Robin Wright. I’ve been in love with her since her small-screen debut as Kelly Capwell… Google that if you want some fun trivia.

I want Candy.

I was hoping for a more Rebel Wilson Etta Candy; however, the actress cast looks perfect. Wonder Woman comparing Etta’s role as secretary to the position of slavery is not only funny, but kind of dead on and also shows us there will be a feminist slant to the movie. I think that’s fundamental, as that’s part of WW’s initial creation: a strong, positive female role model.

The music.

The trailer closes out with the theme music that Hans Zimmer created for our beloved Amazon in the BVS flick. It’s visceral. It’s exciting. It’s Wonder Woman.  I’ve burned many a calorie on the elliptical machine at the gym to this tome.

With no disrespect to those who came before, the Wonder Woman movie is shaping up to be the best superhero film, if not the best film ever. Is it too early to make popcorn?

Okay, y’all, see you next week for Wonder Woman Wednesday. As always, be sure to check out the “I Am Wonder Fan” page on Facebook.

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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