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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Invisible Jet Setter

Batman has the Bat Mobile. Wonder Woman has the invisible jet. I always wondered why a character that can fly would even need a flying transport, but who’s to question one of the coolest accessories in comics history. The Invisible Robot Plane made its first appearance alongside Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics #1.

The plane clearly (Haha – pun intended.) has taken its place alongside Wonder Woman in comic book history, having popped up throughout the character’s 75-year run. It appeared in the Lynda Carter television series and the animated SuperFreinds in the ’70s.

In Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths (What was to be the first of many reboots of the DC Comics Universe), John Byrne re-introduced the invisible jet as a morphing alien crystal… Ahem. Then, the plane was transformed into Wonder Woman’s hideout becoming the WonderDome… Ahem.

Alex Ross did a masterful job of painting (or not painting rather) the invisible plane in his treasury-sized edition of Wonder Woman: Truth, his memorable collaboration with Paul Dini.

The invisible jet has always been a cool and unique aspect of Wonder Woman’s mythos. I knew I had to get it when Funko Pop released their cool-as-heck Wonder Woman and her Invisible Jet with one of their best versions of Wonder Woman to date, looking much like the Lynda Carter iteration.

It remains to be seen (or unseen) if we’ll see (or not see) the invisible plane in the DC Rebirth version of Wonder Woman.

That’s all for this week’s Wonder Woman Wednesday. See (or not see) you next week. And be sure to check out the I Am Wonder Fan page.

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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