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Wonder Woman Wednesday: 8 Reasons to Be Excited about Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary 

It’s hard to believe the amazing Amazon was created 75 years ago by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter. I thought this week that I would highlight some of the things that make Wonder Woman so awesome in her diamond anniversary.

8. DC Superhero Girl Dolls. Sold exclusively at Target, these highly detailed, yet affordable, dolls based on DC Comics’ most prominent female characters – with Wonder Woman as the front runner – are the answer to the “action figures” girls have been clamoring for. And there’s a fun online cartoon, as well.

7. More Wonder Woman ’77. The hit digital-first comic based on the ’70s Wonder Woman television show starring Lynda Carter continues!

6. Speaking of Lynda Carter . . . Although it upset the apple cart that she wouldn’t and won’t be appearing in the DCU film world, the producers of the hit Supergirl television series had the good sense to cast Carter in a role worthy of her in the forthcoming season… the President of the United States!

5. Batman V Superman. Although the movie was met with controversial and mixed reviews, the one indisputable fact is that Gal Gadot stole the entire movie in her portrayal of Wonder Woman’s big screen debut.

4. Wonder Woman solo film
. Although it doesn’t come out until 2017, the anticipation for Wonder Woman’s first solo film has fans in mouth watering anticipation, especially after the tease of her appearance in Batman V Superman.

3. Wonder Woman’s Anniversary Banner (pictured). Superman had his. Batman had his. So, it stands to reason that Wonder Woman would also get the star treatment, and the design for her anniversary banner definitely cuts the mustard. Let’s hope we get more anniversary specials.

2. Rebirth. After a misguided journey via the new 52, Wonder Woman gets a fresh start with a new number one and a capable creative team in writer Greg Rucka and alternating artists Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott.

1. Wonder Woman. We all know what Wonder Woman means to us. The fact that we’re still talking about her 75 years later says it all. Cheers, Diana! Here’s to at least 75 more!

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