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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Wonder Pig Returns!

When I was little, I was a huge Muppets fan (and still am). I think Wonder Woman may have been the only thing I liked just a little bit more. Imagine my delight when Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman was the celebrity guest on an episode of The Muppet Show dedicated to superheroes.

It doesn’t get much better than that, right? It does! Everyone’s favorite chanteuse, Miss Piggy, paid homage (more like stealing the limelight truth be told) to Wonder Woman in her own superhero costume as “Wonder Pig.” Costume changing twirls and all.

Imagine my delight when I was in one of my Wonder Woman Collector’s Clubs on Facebook.  Scrolling down, minding my own business, reading everyone else’s business, and Bam! A picture of a stuffed Wonder Pig staring me in the face. Say what?!? How could the culmination of two of my biggest childhood influences be a collectible toy? And how could I get my greedy, little mitts on one? Upon further stalking, I see it had been handmade by one of the members of the group for another member of the group.

This pretty, little piggy was handmade by my friend and fellow Amazon, the talented Christopher Troy Brownstein, especially for moi! How lucky am I?

I told Christopher my favorite WW was most likely George Perez’s, so I believe he used that for inspiration.  The results did not disappoint. I was overjoyed when I removed her from the package. She has red and white boots, star-spangled panties, lasso, bracelets, and the unexpected bonus of glitter paint. She even has a removable cape. Her blonde, curly locks and headband-like tiara are killer! The likeness to Miss Piggy is spot on. A bar raised high by the mastery of Jim Henson. (I think he’d be proud!)

The irony of the whole situation is not lost on me. What makes this a special moment in history is that it will likely never take place again. Disney owns the Muppets now and also Marvel Comics. If Miss Piggy is dressing up as a superhero these days, methinks it might be a mutant, or an Avenger. Not that I would turn away a White Queen version of everyone’s favorite talking sow.

Given the rarity and beauty of this object, I felt duty bound to share it with my Wonder Woman Wednesday readers! Enjoy! (I suggest sucking up to your craftiest friends if you want your own Wonder Pig!)

I guess that’s all for this week! Make sure to be here next Wednesday for another #WonderWomanWednesday and, as always, check out the “I Am Wonder Fan” page on Facebook.


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