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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Madame Troy’s Top 10 Wonder Woman Predictions for 2016

Greetings, my fellow Wonder Fans! Welcome to the first Wonder Woman Wednesday of 2016!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2016, but, honestly, people say the same crap every single year!

A real (and awesome) reason it’s hard to believe it’s 2016 is because we are finally in the right calendar year to at last see the silver screen debut of our favorite Amazon in the the March release of Batman V Superman!

In the spirit of a new year, I have decided to make my WW predictions for 2016, as New Year’s resolutions – another annual tradition- are something you probably don’t want to hear about. And, something I probably won’t follow through with.

So, let’s get on with the show. I will say that I am much more of an empath than a precognitive, so these predictions are based more on intuition, observation, and a touch of humor (because I just can’t help myself) than actual foresight. If you want Nostradamus, I’m sure there are other websites you can peruse. And, if you don’t know who Nostradamus is, I am certain there is a little vehicle called Google you can peruse.

Without further ado, I give you Madame (Hey, it’s better to be a Madame than a hooker, no?)Troy’s Top Ten 2016 Wonder Woman Predictions!

10.) DC Comics will continue to ramp up Wonder Woman’s presence in pop culture in the year of her 70th Anniversary, hopefully inviting our beloved Lynda Carter along for the ride.

9.) With the success of the digital first series, Sensation, The Legend of Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman ’77, and the Wonder Woman Heavy Bombshells series, we will be treated to at least one new series featuring the amazing Amazon. I’m hoping for a lighthearted Three’s Company riff with Batman and Superman in tow (and Mr. Furley, naturally).

8.) A new creative team will take over Wonder Woman’s monthly title and try to make a dent in the mess made there over the past couple of years. Giving WW a costume more akin to her timeless threads and returning her most important accessory, her backbone. Hey, if Obama could take a whack at the Bush butchery, I’m cautiously optimistic.

7.) Donna Troy will be redeemed and returned to a modicum of respect that she deserves or be further degraded and humiliated. Stripped further of her dignity, be arrested for the murder of her Amazon brothers, get a mullet, and run the kitchen in the prison in Paradise Island. (Oops I think I’ve been Netflix binging too much!) The Magic Eightball is a little fuzzy on this one.

6.) Batman V Superman will be released and Wonder Woman will be the breakout star of the film, adding to her stratospheric popularity and making Gal Gadot a household name. I think the movie will do extremely well but fall short of matching the success of Marvel’s films or Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

5.) The popularity of Wonder Woman will lead to an increase in WW merchandise and a lethal hit to my bank account. Although I have ordered a couple, I have to admit, the WW figures and toys I have seen so far from Batman V Superman are a little on the ugly side. Mind you, that is no reflection on Gal, I just think they could have done a better job.

4.) I predict a sea of Wonder Women (and men) at this year’s Halloween celebrations and comic book conventions across the country and the planet. And, I’m not ruling out getting my own pair of star-spangled panties.

3.) Wonder Woman tattoos will be the new black (ink).

2.) With the success and popularity of Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman, DC will quietly release Grant Morrison and Yannick Paquette’s highly controversial Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel to avoid bad press and complaints. (Side note: A reviewer from Goodreads named “Anne” irresponsibly leaked several out of context pages from said graphic novel, and it ticked off a lot of people with its seemingly misogynistic violence toward women, heavy bondage themes, and T&A portrayals of Amazon lesbianism, not to mention plus-sized phobia in the shape of a previously established overweight Etta Candy being portrayed as a “Fat Amy” knockoff. Oh, and lest we forget the sweetest taboo – an African American Steve Trevor that likes to drop slave references. It is my hope that DC releases it for what it is. Anything written by Morrison is a crapshoot, but let’s face it: George Perez has one of the most beloved versions of the character and he had Hercules put a chain on a half-naked Hippolyta decades ago! As much as I love and respect WW, I plan to get, read, and base my opinion of the book on its own merits. Do people really regard The Earth One imprint as relevant anyway? Look at All-Star Comics; that was a big to do and now it’s just a memory. And, finally, I didn’t mean to go on a tirade, but A.D.D. statistics would suggest you readers probably fell off by prediction number 5 anyway . . .

1.) I predict (and I realize I have slightly more control over this one) that I will continue to bring you another Wonderfully fun year of insights and observations with weekly Wonder Woman Wednesday columns!

See you next week, Wonderphiles! As usual, make sure to head over to I Am Wonder Fan on Facebook and Like, share, and participate in your love of Wonder Woman!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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