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Wonder Woman Wednesday X-Mas Edition: God or Wonder Woman? And, the Art of Wish Lists

Greetings, fellow disciples of Wonder!  In the spirit of the season, I present to you a special Christmas Edition of Wonder Woman Wednesday! (‘Twas the Wednesday before Christmas, after all! Or is that ‘twis? ‘Twatever! You know what I mean.)

I was thinking how one or two of Wonder Woman’s origins had more than one thing in common with the not-so-secret origin of the messiah, a.k.a. Jesus Christ.

I know, it seems super sacrilegious, but hear me out . . . They were both borne of mysterious circumstances surrounding the seeming presence of a physical parent and divine intervention. 

They both went on to preach humanity and good will toward men. Both were/are capable of certain types of miracles. One was tied up. One was crucified. Both rose from the dead and likely will again.

Anyway, it was just an observation. On with Wonder Woman Wednesday!

Yes, it’s once again time to spend a great memory with your friends and family and honor the love you share for one another. Exchange gifts and fill your bellies with honey-baked ham while singing carols and chugging cocoa . . .

After you’ve nearly had a nervous breakdown after a month of holiday hustle and bustle, worrying about what and whom to by for, putting up with throngs of crowds exhibiting their own anxiety and absorbing negative energy, getting cranky and hating the world. Yeah, there’s that, too . . .

The best part of Christmas for me growing up was, of course, the toys. My Farrah Fawcett, Batgirl, Brooke Shields, Bionic Woman, Cover Girl Darcy dolls, not to mention my Mega Wonder Woman – my prize possession. I always wanted one of those plastic heads that you could do their hair and make-up, but I guess the dolls were as gay as my parents were willing to let me go.
Even better than the toys themselves was the anticipation of getting said toys. Dreaming of them. Picking them out in the JC Penney catalog (a.k.a. “The Paper Toy Book”).

In honor of the tradition of Christmas Wish Lists, I give you my Wonder Woman Art of War wish list.

Art of War being the gorgeous line of statues by DC Collectibles based on Wonder Woman in the style of specific, different comic book artists that have an association with Wonder Woman.  At around 6 to 7.5 inches, made of porcelain, beautifully sculpted, and relatively affordable if the eBay gods are with you at time of purchase.

There are currently 10 statues available with the next one being based on the animated style of Bruce Timm. The current statues are inspired by the styles of George Perez, Adam Hughes, Robert Valley, Jill Thompson, Jim Lee, David Finch, Amanda Connor, Cliff Chiang, Yanick Paquette, and Tony S. Daniel.

Rumor has it they are releasing one per quarter, so I thought I would compile my top ten wish list of future Art of War Wonder Woman statues.

Dear Santa/DC Collectibles:

All I want for Christmas (or once each quarter, rather) are the following ten Wonder Woman: Art of War statuettes.

10. Art Adams. Art is a legend and has drawn some pretty mighty images of our favorite Amazon over the years.

9.Mike Deodato, Jr. His work was slammed a little because of the “t and a” factor. They may have to tone down the butt-floss, but I think it would make a bad@$$ piece.

8. Jason Pearson. One of my favorite artists has only drawn WW a handful of times that I can think of, but, hey, this is my wish list and it would be cool as heck!

7. John Byrne. His run as WW writer/artist may be as controversial as the man himself, but I admit it, I’m a “Byrne Victim.” I’ve always been a fan. His version of WW was reflective of the pumped up “image phase” of the ’90s and I loved it.

6. Mike Mignola. This Hellboy creator had an oddly appealing, primitive style. He drew a Wonder Woman in Cosmic Odyssey, and this would be a masterpiece.  

5. Sean “Cheeks” Galloway. I own his Superman statue. It’s one of my favorites. His Batman B&W statue is off the chain. Why not round out the holy trinity? I saw his version of WW on tumblr, and it would make a great statue with his eye-catching anime style.

4. Kevin Nowlan. An artist’s artist and a true visionary.  I would love to see his version of WW come to life in statue form. 

3. Bill Sienkiewicz. I’m not sure if there has been a statue or figure based on the work of Bill Sienkiewicz. After seeing the work of Robert Valley brought to life, it makes it seem like it would be possible to replicate Sienkiewicz’s radical, Avant-garde style.

2. Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. Most of the current commercial WW merchandise I see these days features the classic WW look Jose did for the DC style guide in the ’70s. Classic. Iconic. Do it!

1. H.G. Peter. He was the first WW artist. His style is as lovely today as it was 70 years ago. Put it in porcelain all ready. I can’t think of a better way to honor his legacy than by adding it to this epic collection.

So, that’s it! My Art of War wish list. Hey, a boy can dream!

A very Wonderful Winter celebration to all of the great WW fans out there! See you next week for Wonder Woman Wednesday!
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