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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Behind the Collection Part 2

Welcome, Wonder Warriors, to another edition of Wonder Woman Friday! (Yes, I know it’s Wonder Woman Wednesday . . . but it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the week got away from me! So, it’s a few days late which makes sense, because I have always been a day late and a dollar short!) (Editor’s Note: Michael’s editor caused the article to be posted much later and shoulders full responsibility for its tardiness.)

Last week I treated you to a behind-the-scenes peek into my Wonder Woman collection with a promise of a Part 2 this week. So, as promised, here is the sequel to Wonder Woman Wednesday: Behind the Collection. (Don’t call it a comeback!)

Without further ado . . . or a don’t . . .

1. Super Bff’s Vinyl Figure Batgirl: As stated in Part 1, I absolutely adored the animated DCU shorts that Cartoon Network would do during the airing of Teen Titans Go!, or Justice League Unlimited, or something. One of their greatest shorts was “Super Bffs” which featured the adventures of Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl. Needless to say, it was totally off the chain! So, when I discovered these little knick knacks, I snatched them up without hesitation.

2. Wonder Girl Super BFF Vinyl Figure: The other cool thing about this set is they have changeable heads with different expressions that you store in the base upon which they stand. Way cool idea, alas, I never change them and for some reason Donna’s head seems to fall off a lot. Perhaps a reflection of her somewhat schizophrenic comic book continuity?

3. Supergirl BFF Vinyl Figure: I’ve always loved Supergirl, and I especially love that this design has curves! She’s built like a Kryptonian Fortress of Solitude! And, as much as I love the Supergirl television show, I am now even more glad that I own this. I think there may be more Supergirl figures in my future for sure!

4. & 5. Wonder Woman Tokyo pop figures, New 52 and Traditional Costumes, respectively: I adore these cute, little Tokyo Pop figures. Nothing will equal the traditional WW costume in my eyes, but the New 52 revision has really grown on me… just in time for them to change it up again. Ah, well, just another excuse to acquire more Wonder Woman swag!

6. Glittery Wonder Woman Drink Glass: I got this beauty at Golden Apple Comics in L.A. on Black Friday weekend this year. Score!

7. Wonder Woman Seat belt Buckle Dog Collar: I got this on eBay or Amazon for my ridiculously adorable chihuahua Rocco. It’s kind of bulky, so he only wears it for top priority super pet missions.

8. Wonder Woman Salt and Pepper Shaker Set: I am so glad my boyfriend talked me into this $6 purchase from Ross with his usual enabling encouragement, because really… “When am I ever gonna see this again?”

9. Wonder Woman Glass Tumbler: I got this at Golden Apple when I got the other glittery one.

10. Wonder Woman Travel Coffee Mug: Another Ross score. “I love it… I got it at Ross!”

11.  Kid Ribot Mini WW figure. Golden Apple Score. Super cute.

12. WW Plastic Tumbler with Lid and Straw. (Either Ross or Target.)

13. My Gorgeous WW watch with Gorgeous Display and Art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. A gift from my boo.

14. Wonder Woman Mug from Pavillions.

15. Smaller Wonder Woman Mug from Pavillions. Who knew?

16. Batman Mug from Pavillions.

17. Superman Mug from Pavillions.

And, that wraps up another week of Wonder Woman Wednesday . . . er, Friday. Make sure to check back next week for a special X-mas Edition of Wonder Woman Wednesday! And, as usual, check out, share, and “like” I Am Wonder Fan on Facebook!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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