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Wonder Woman Wednesday: ‘Sensation Comics’ and the Death of Wonder Woman

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with a salacious headline (Hey, it’s hard out there for a pimp!), let me explain what I’m talking about, Willis. According to DC Comics’ solicitations, Sensation Comics is coming to an end in December. Sensation being, of course, DC’s brilliant, digital-first series starring Wonder Woman.

The format was a dream come true with any incarnation of Wonder Woman being fair game by rotating creative teams with some really top-notch talent, including the likes Gail Simone, Ethan Van Sciver, Drew Johnson, Adam Beechen, Gilbert Hernandez (Yes! That Gilbert Hernandez!), Barbara Kesel, and even legend Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, inked by fellow legend Kevin Nowlan. Not to mention some beautiful covers by the likes of Wonder Woman alumni Adam Hughes and Phil Jimenez.

We got treated to thrilling adventures of the Amazon squaring off against Batman’s Gotham Rogues while teaming up with fan-favorite and much-missed, wheelchair-bound Oracle. Wonder Woman took the stage as a rock star! We got treated to Wonder Woman in outer space for Hera’s sake! It also gave us Jason Badower’s groundbreaking story that included Wonder Woman officiating a same-sex wedding. Snaps to Jason! (And to the day when you no longer have to put the adjectives “gay”or “same-sex” before wedding, as there need be no distinction.)

Sounds too good to be true! I know, right? So, why is this highly praised, consistently well-produced, and refreshing take on Wonder Woman being cancelled? Is it running out of talent? I doubt it. I have it on good authority that a couple of top-notch creators have pitches in that will now not see the light of day.

Could it be sales? I’m not so sure. The book seems pretty popular and the “digital first” concept seems to be a sales buffer, so . . .

Perhaps, at the end of the day, all good things must come to an end. We should be happy that DC gave us such a substantial quality run of entertaining stories featuring our favorite Amazon that will remain in our hearts alongside other beloved stories in the WW canon.

As to the other argument that Sensation is the only place you can find the “real” Wonder Woman? The titular character’s own monthly mag is being shredded apart as it takes Wonder Woman in a decidedly different direction. I say “this too shall pass.” Creators over the years have tried radically different paths with Diana. And, I say they have every right, too. Wonder Woman always returns to the true heart of the character. You don’t believe me? Does she still work at Taco Whiz? Does she still wear a white pantsuit or have a Ghericurl? (Merciful Minerva, who is this woman and where is she going?) The point being is the more things change, the more they stay the same. A stitch in time saves nine. What the hell am I talking about???

Another plus: it appears Sensation will be going out with a bang in an interesting-sounding story featuring Cheetah, written by comics legend Trina Robbins! Woo! Hoo!

I mean Wonder Woman has that telenovela, so-bad-it’s-good appeal with a dropped jaw and an eye-roll at every turn of the page. I mean since when did Donna Troy have brown eyes?) Plus, we have Bryan Hitch handling Wondy quite well in JLA. Her guest appearance in Section 8 written by Garth Ennis was hysterical! And, we have Marc Andreyko’s fun, Lynda Carter-inspired Wonder Woman ’77. (Do not f@$k! with my Wonder Woman ’77!)

I’m sure that with Wonder Woman set to make her big-screen debut, DC has many plans for her. Until then, we have Grant Morrison and Yanick Pacquette’s Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel and Jill Thompson’s illustrated Wonder Woman tale to look forward to.

Sensation Comics is dead!  Long live Wonder Woman!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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