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Wonder Woman Wednesday: ‘Bombshells’ in Paradise

Warning! Spoilers below!

In my review for Bombshells #1 last week, I lamented the absence of Wonder Woman from what I thought was going to be a Batwoman-centric tale. The Gods of Olympus must have heard my prayers, as Wonder Woman takes center stage in the latest installment of Bombshells.

Picture it: Themiscyra, 1940. Miles off the coast of Greece.

This is where “Enlisted Part 2 (of 3)” of the first story arc of DC Comics’ new Digital First Bombshells series begins. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and when there’s a DC Comics story taking place near Greece, Wonder Woman can’t be too far behind!

I’ve been to Paradise Island, but I’ve never been to me.

Steve Trevor’s plane goes down fighting the enemy in WWII. He winds up on Paradise Island which could turn out to be be no Paradise at all – or even a Club Med for that matter!

In a deliciously different take, Steve has to face the music orchestrated by a group of seriously pissed off Amazons! In retaliation for carelessly dropping bombs and shrapnel on Paradise, albeit unknowingly, Wonder Woman takes Steve Trevor as her prisoner and not her charity case. In his defense, Themiscyra isn’t even on the map, so they probably thought it was just going into the ocean, killing animals, and screwing up the ecosystem.

Wonder Woman isn’t even Wonder Woman yet, and, boy, does she look rad in a toga. The Amazons are a group of fierce warriors who suffer no fools lightly, especially when it comes to guarding their home. When Steve Trevor explains he is in a grand war against an evil dictator, you can see the inner hero in Diana kick in as she demands Trevor tell her more about this evil man.

Writer Marguerite Bennett has perfectly set up Wonder Woman’s debut in the Bombshell universe. The art of Marguerite Sauvage appears even more lovely than the first part, as she serves an amazing depiction of our favorite Amazon Princess.

Bombshells is easily one of my favorite, new series and is available now digitally from DC Comics.


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