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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Morrison and Marston V Snyder

Famed comics writer Grant Morrison raised a small stink recently when talking about his long-awaited, forthcoming Wonder Woman: Earth One original graphic novel, which is beautifully illustrated by Yanick Paquette.  The OGN is part of a series of DC graphic novels offering “fresh,” “modern” takes on some of their most iconic characters. Superman and Batman have already had the treatment, naturally. So much for ladies first, but I guess Morrison’s tome is so epic that Rome, or in this case Paradise Island, wasn’t built in a day.

So, what’s the stink? Morrison lamented the snarling, sword-wielding, warrior Wonder Woman causing a commotion via Gal Gadot in the trailer for the forthcoming Batman V Superman film directed by Zack Snyder. While Morrison “understands” why they did it, he believes it “goes against” the core of the entire reason William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman in the first place.      

“Marston’s Diana was a doctor, a healer, a scientist,” Morrison told The Nerdist. “So, I went back to those roots and just built it up again,” further stating that for the first 48 pages, there isn’t a single fight scene. Just women talking. And, he managed to finish his story without a fight scene altogether. I mean, I don’t think Matrix-style fight scenes would have saved The Mindy Project, per say, but it is fun to watch chicks kick butt sometimes. Hmmm. This might be a problem for some people, but as long as it’s more Sex and the City meets The Golden Girls and less Knots Landing meets Designing Women, I’m cool with it. Morrison is such a genius that he quite frankly can write whatever he wants. And, it will equally thrill and piss off as many people as possible.   

Playing devil’s advocate, I have to say that I see the need to make Diana fierce on the silver screen. I know she can hold her own against Superman and Batman and has every right to be standing alongside them, but she also has to prove it. Which I suppose is why it made it in turn so important for Gal Gadot to pull off playing Wonder Woman. I won’t pick apart Gadot as I think the whole pony show is horribly miscast, aside possibly from Henry Cavil who fills out Superman’s tights just fine in my eyes. So, who’s &$$ do you kick? And, whose @$$ do you kiss? Do you please the fanboy? Do you please the action-seeking movie-goer? Do you please the feminists, or insult women in general? If she’s too passive, she’s viewed as a wuss who falls into a damsel-in-distress mode. If she’s too bad@$$, she’ll be branded as Xena or Butch.     

Either way, it seems a little “heady” and pedantic for Morrison to piss on Snyder’s vision of Diana based on a ten-second clip in lieu of his “superior” vision. Not to knock Morrison; I have no doubt his vision will be more thrilling, magical, and inspiring than Zack Snyder’s version ever could be.  It just seems like poor sportsmanship to wag it in one’s face for the sake of your own publicity. Doesn’t sound like an example Diana would aspire to, now does it? Oh, snap!     

If you truly want to set an example in the tradition of Dr. Marston, keep doing what you’re doing. Tell great stories. That’s the beauty of Diana. Whatever form she comes in, whatever her origin. Whether she’s a clerk at Taco Whiz or I’Ching’s Zen Protégé.  It’s not everyone who can check “Goddess of Truth” and “God of War” in the occupation box after all! That woman is a wonder, and she’ll always be our Wonder Woman!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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