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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Barbie Saves Wonder Woman?

*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.

This is the week that geeks all over have been waiting for. This is the week that Comic-Con takes over the San Diego Convention Center. Cosplayers will “cos,” gamers will “game,”  SDCC Exclusives will “exclude”- yet very few actual comic books will be found at the biggest comic book convention in the country, but that’s another story entirely.

And, THIS is another story entirely. This is Wonder Woman Wednesday, after all. So, what does Comic-Con have to do with the price of tea on Paradise Island? Quite a bit, actually. Sure, Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman V Superman will be making an appearance alongside co-stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, but there’s another “Wonder Agenda” that has me in a frenzy, and her name is Barbie!

Mattel has released images of their Wonder Woman Barbie being previewed at Comic-Con, and she’s stunning. Perhaps a little too stunning. The face is beautiful, and the costume looks bright and intricate. So, what’s the problem? Sure, I might be a little biased, and anyone who has followed my “Wonderful Opinions” knows that I’m not hard sold on the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I guess I’m still just a little boy who fell madly in love with Wonder Woman and Lynda Carter at exactly the same time. It would be extremely difficult to give me another Wonder Woman that I could get as excited about. To make matters worse, when they released the first images of Gadot as Wonder Woman, they were a little disappointing. The color palette was muted, and the costume resembled a certain other “Warrior Princess” more than the Amazon warrior we have been blessed with in the past. Her expression seems a little harsh and scowling. I suppose that can be attributed to the trend of brooding heroes we have been given in recent cinema. Another supposedly better look at the costume was revealed and the colors seemed a little more traditional, but it still seemed lacking somehow. Then, something magical happened: Barbie!

Two great tastes that go great together! Just like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Wonder Woman and Barbie! Mattel’s Barbie version of Gal Gadot’s movie version of Wonder Woman is everything you would want in a Wonder a Woman Barbie and more! Flawless perfection. Even with a sword and shield.

Perhaps I’m putting the cart before the horse and shouldn’t put all my Barbies in one Dream House, but I am pretty darn excited! About the doll, that is. I’m still on the invisible fence about WW’s big screen debut, especially considering this is a sequel to Man of Steel which left me a little cold as steel.

The good news is that Barbie has restored my faith. Barbie has opened my mind and made me a little more willing to give Gal Gadot in Zack Snyder’s movie version a little more of the benefit of the doubt. And, the better news is even if the movie is a turkey, we’ll still have a beautiful, new a Wonder Woman collectible.

(By the way, if anyone going to Comic-Con wants to smash the display case and nab Wonder Barbie for me, I’ll take it! No? Okay. You can’t blame a guy for trying!)
See you all back here next week for another exciting edition of Wonder Woman Wednesday!!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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