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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Bring on the Bombshells!

*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.

“She’s got a body like an hour glass, but I can give it to you all the time.” – Bang! Bang! -Jessie J.

According to Wikipedia, the term “bombshell” is a forerunner to the term “sex symbol” and was originally used to describe popular female sex icons. In modern usage, “bombshell” refers to a very attractive woman. The Online Etymology Dictionary by Douglas Harper has attested the usage of the term in this meaning since 1942, and in the meaning of “shattering or devastating thing or event” since 1860.

How fitting then that Sensation Comics #1 featuring Wonder Woman made its debut in 1942. I can’t think of a bigger “bombshell” than The Princess of Themiscyria, can you? (Not that she’s just a bombshell mind you, but it certainly doesn’t look bad on one’s resume.)

In 2013 DC Comics unleashed a variation of its female characters with the tag line “Bombshells.” The Bombshells were prominently displayed on variant covers of DC’s monthly line-up and featured popular characters like Supergirl, Black Canary, and Harley Quinn. (Let’s not leave out the “bad girls, shall we?)

While they were all quite beautiful, the stand out for me, of course, was Wonder Woman. Perhaps it’s because she was “born” in the bombshell era and lends herself well to the concept, perhaps it’s because she’s always been my favorite obsession, or perhaps it’s just because she looks smokin’ hot in her flawless “Bombshell” design. The popular concept lent itself to statues, posters, and other merchandise.

Don’t call it a comeback. DC Comics ain’t no fools – due to the success of “Bombshells,” DC is revisiting the concept starting in July. A “Bombshells Digital 1st” series begins in July and will be released in print in August. August will also see the next wave of Bombshell variants featured on regular monthly titles. DC Collectibles will be joining in on the fun with statues of two new “Bombshells,” Cheetah and Killer Frost. Color me excited!

The only disappointment I can cite is the absence of über “good girl” artist Adam Hughes to the party. In my opinion, he should be doing several, if not all, of the designs and covers. He is the man that draws women with no equal after all. One saving grace is the preview I have seen of A-list artist Terry Dodson’s version of Bombshell Wonder Woman. It’s just swell!

In a world of comics where “The Big Two” (Marvel and DC) often ape each other’s publicity stunts (i.e., New 52 vs. Marvel Now!, Secret Wars vs. Crisis on Infinite Earths, etc., etc.).  I am surprised Marvel hasn’t done a bombshell version of their own. I, for one, would wholeheartedly welcome a Bombshell Rogue, or Storm, or Psylocke,or Ms. Marvel, or . . . you get the point!

With all of the recent buzz concerning females vs. comic books and their roles in a male-dominated genre, I can’t help but wonder if an event celebrating heroines as pin-up models is deemed sexist or not, but I don’t give a damn! I’m a guy who likes boys and have nothing but love, admiration, and respect for the female race . . . bring on the Bombshells!!!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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