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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Convergence

*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.

DC Comics is in the midst of a company-wide event called “Convergence” which promises (ad nauseam) to turn DC’s continuity on its collective ear and start a new direction for its line of characters. Again.

SPOILERS BELOW (if you been living in The Batcave all week)

The first time this happened to us (the readers), it was super exciting, as nothing like “Crisis on Infinite Earths” had happened before. “Crisis,” the mega company-wide event of the ’80s, promised to wipe out – er – clean up the convoluted continuity and eradicate irrelevant stories of the past, starting a string of all new continuity and irrelevant, convoluted stories to make things less confusing for fans.

It was exciting. And, it worked . . . for a while. DC invigorated its line and relaunched its books under top talent with exciting, new directions with tweaked origins and costumes. After awhile, people started whining about old continuity getting the short end of the stick and how cruel it was to pretend like “Streaky the Cat” never existed . . . Quick! Somebody call PETA! Any who, DC decided to press the reset button . . . again and again! Zero Hour! Flashpoint, The New 52, Blame It on Midnight – you name it. Getting a fresh start in the DC Universe was becoming as easy as hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock (unless you’re Donna Troy, of course).

It appears as if Convergence is set to change all that in the best way possible. Thanks to genius writer Geof Johns for putting his square peg in our round hole! To quote Depeche Mode, “Everything counts! Everything counts, after all!” Everything that has been published by DC exists in some way shape or form. Eureka! Why not? Why can’t Wonder Tot have grown up to work at Taco Whiz?! And, turn to clay and die then be resurrected? Or, marry Steve Trevor and give birth to one of the founding members of Infinity, Inc.? Or, find out you were Zeus’ love child? Or, kill Ares and become the new God of War? And, why can’t Hippolyta go from blonde to brunette almost as many times as she dies and comes back to life? She is in steep competition with Aunt May and Jean Grey on that one! And, finally, Diana DID have a lesbian relationship with Xena, Warrior Princess. Oh, wait . . . that was online fan fiction. My bad!

The point being – yes, there is one – I think DC acknowledging all of their history and making it “canon” is just swell. I’m not sure why all the fanboys (Ed. and fangirls!) get their butts in an uproar about continuity anyways! I love Adam West’s Batman as much as Michael Keaton’s. And, I’ll probably like Ben Affleck’s version just the same. At its heart, it’s all the same character that got our attention in the first place. And, if it happened in your heart and your mind, doesn’t it stay there forever? That said, Gal Gadot: Don’t f#%k it up!

Be back next week for more Wonder Woman Wednesday.

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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