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J-Lo’s Fiat and Fancy Free

jlo mt 2e1By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


You gotta love J-Lo. You do? Yes, you do. What’s not to love? She’s gorgeous, with a banging body after birthing twins (Yes, I said twins!), she’s an accomplished actress and singer (I double-dog dare you not to cut a rug to her infectious monster hit, “On the Dance Floor,” with Pitbull!). She’s a successful businesswoman, a fun judge on American Idol, and she’s been linked to some of the hottest men in Hollywood. Sure, her love life has had its fair share of ups and downs, but what deserving diva hasn’t? Liz Taylor anyone? But, I’m feeling so good, why dwell on the negative? Okay, so, maybe if I were the jealous type, I wouldn’t like La Lopez so much, but I’m a gay man and I adore Jennifer Lopez! (It’s part of my contract. She only headlined at White Party in Palm Springs a few years back for the love of Pete!) And, she is still Jenny from the block, after all.

So, I am just gonna say it: I adore the Fiat! It’s fantastic! From the sleek design – check out that hot, sixties, James Bond dash – right down to the cute, little, red circle logo, I am completely infatuated! Just like Jennifer Lopez, what’s not to love?

When I first saw the Fiat (My fab bf introduced me to it. He would strangle me if I neglected to mention that!), it was love at first sight. I didn’t think there was anything that could make me love the cute, uber sleek, little Fiat any more, then I saw the Fiat commercial with Jennifer Lopez! Hell yes! My favorite diva is driving my favorite car! Heaven in a bucket! Being a starving artist in a rough economy, I can’t afford one, of course. Be my knightress in shining armor, J-Lo! Pull up in your white Fiat and rescue me! (Or, preferably baby blue to match my eyes. Do they make it in that color?)

After seeing J-Lo storm the stage of the American Music Awards in full-tilt Fiat, it’s clear your Gucci is no hoochie! It’s J-Lo’s world, I just want to drive in it!





Michael Troy is a deeply superficial person. Born in the midwest in the ’70s, Michael came to Los Angeles to pursue his bi-polar career path as an actor and artist. 2005 saw the release of Michael’s first published book, Homo-Hero’s Big Book of Fun and Adventure ( Michael has contributed to the Lady Gaga comic book from Bluewater Productions and has his hand in various other upcoming projects. Michael has performed stand-up comedy at all of the major comedy clubs in Los Angeles and is making his triumphant return to the main stage of The Comedy Store in September. Michael offers an off-beat sense of humor as the star of such youtube cult classics As The Gays on Film (, A Minute With Margot, a loving tribute to Superman legend Margot Kidder (, and currently hosts a vlog style series Lethally Blonde over at Sitting alongside industry heavyweight Phil Jimenez at the “Divas and Lassoes” panel for the 2010 San Diego comic-con, Michael maintains and cherishes his “underground” status. A staunch believer in Blonde Ambition, Michael hopes his new comic about shallow blonde super heroes in Los Angeles, The Blonde Squad, will set the world on fire (or at least brighten it a bit). Check out Michael Troy and Lethally Blonde updates here!!!





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