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DC’s Digital First Bombshells Series Debuts with a Bang!

Load up! Ride hard! Blast off!

July 25th saw the release of DC’s eagerly anticipated (by ME most of all!) Digital First series, Bombshells. Based on the popular premise of transforming iconic DC heroines into their 1940s pin-up girl counterparts, the line was first introduced to us via a clever cover campaign and subsequent merchandise push. The Bombshells proved popular enough to warrant a comic series and a second wave of merchandise.

As the driving force of Wonder Woman Wednesday, it should come as no surprise that I was a little disappointed that Wonder Woman would not be the first to star in the series; however, Batman seems to be the head of the pecking order these days, so I guess it makes sense to have the matriarch from the Bat-family kick off the festivities. When did Superman lose his clout? I bet it was gone with the panties. Anyways, Batwoman is first up to bat as the series swings into motion. The men are off to war, and the dames are left to fill their loafers. While the men fight the good fight, the women are left behind to deal with the bull$#!t, up to and including baseball teams. A League of Their Own meets Batman? Why not?

Writer and artist, respectively, Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Sauvage bring the noise in the first of the three-part “Enlisted” storyline. I really believe this is the best .99 cents I’ve spent in a good long time. The story was fun and well paced with a refreshing point of view, and any writer that could work the line, “You mouthy broad!” into a comic these days is aces in my book. Oh. We miss you, Frank Miller! Oh. You’ll be back for DK3? Groovy. Color me there!


Even though it’s almost embarrassingly common these days, being gay wasn’t always such an open topic, least of all in the world of comic books. It was seldom if ever openly displayed or talked about. And, when it was, it was either derogatory, tongue in cheek, or with a hush, hush wink and nod. So, it was refreshing to see Batwoman (a.k.a. Kate Kane) and her partner in crime-fighting, police officer Maggie Sawyer, nonchalantly portrayed in a loving, domestic relationship. Ironically, John Byrne was responsible for a lot of those “Wink! Wink! Nudge! Nudge!” moments aforementioned. He was the creator of the biggest walk-in closet case, Northstar, after all.

I should also mention the lovely art of Marguerite Sauvage. She has a beautiful, flowing style and demure palette that lends itself well to the Bombshell motif. And, the irony of not only having a female writer/artist team on a high-profile book, but both with the not-so-common moniker, Marguerite? Go figure!

Playing baseball and fighting crime and all may seem like more than enough, but Mrs. and Mrs. Kane-Sawyer are looking for adventure, and find it they will, by way of an irresistible offer to help end WWII! And, just wait till you get a load of Bombshell Amanda Waller!

With a virtual plethora of femme fatales fit to be featured, it’s safe to say (Embrace the pun.) this series has legs! I would love to see takes on characters that haven’t had the Bombshell treatment yet. A Starfire Bombshell would be boss, with some fun, cheap-o, sci-fi movie angle. I think the format lends itself well as a good testing ground for the popularity of the characters. Then, they can make us the toys and the statues. Please! Please! Please! But, who wouldn’t love these amazing pin-up gals? Well, it’s safe to say, whichever direction this series takes, like a good member of The Jackson 5, I’ll be there!

DC’s Bombshells is on sale now digitally.

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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