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Pan Am Episode 7 Review

pan am 7 90eBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy


It’s a darn good thing Pan Am makes international flights, because this week’s episode was all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, I am still in love with the concept, style, and potential of the series; I just think it is suffering a little bit of an identity crisis.

After 7 episodes, you would think it would be a little more solid in conception. This week had the girls boozing it up and playing truth or dare on the plane. Perhaps, this was an attempt to create a Sex and the City-type camaraderie amongst the otherwise chemistry-less cast. I like the girls, but there is a serious lack of buyable bonding betwixt them.

Then, there is the C.I.A. espionage angle that always has me wishing the “fasten your seat belts” sign was off. Throw in a little jungle fever, racially-charged side story, and you’ve got yourself a real hodgepodge of “What the heck?” Come on, people, we have an African American president. Do we need a “very special episode” of The Waltons?

As stated, I see huge potential in this show. I think it just needs to find its footing sooner than later, or it is in serious danger of becoming a flight risk. The good news is that you never know when you will be upgraded to first class. Next week’s episode looks much better, so I urge fellow Pan Am fans to brave the turbulence and allow the show to live up to its full potential.






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