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‘American Horror Story,’ The Oscars, and The Sound of Gaga

After a much lamented, ill-received, and poorly performing ARTPOP album and PR campaign, the masses were predicting, if not demanding, the demise of Lady Gaga. It appears as if reports of Mother’s demise are quite premature.

In the generation of A.D.D. and instant gratification, one can only disappear and lick one’s wounds for so long without being permanently erased from the relevance of pop culture society. It appears Lady Gaga has had her slice of humble pie and has returned to the party.

What’s a girl to do when she’s down and out? Why, go and record a jazz duet record with legend and Gaga supporter Tony Bennett. Not a bad move. The album gets rave reviews and showcases the talents of Lady Gaga’s voice, proving she’s more than a one-trick pony. So far so good. Whoops, there goes another rubber tree plant. THEN! Aforementioned album wins a Grammy. Wow, things are looking up for Mother Monster. Suddenly, she’s performing at the Oscars, but what on Earth would she be singing? I’m a huge Gaga fan (Not only did I write the comic book on her – I wrote two!), so she could sing anything for all I care. Save perhaps a dedication of “Let it go” to arch nemesis Madonna. (Just kidding, I know the feud between my homegirls is mostly fan-fueled.)

Anyway, it turns out that Lady Gaga is singing a tribute to The Sound of Music – to Julie Andrews no less, who legendarily cemented the role 50 years ago.

Gaga blew the audience away, nearly parting The Red Sea, curing the blind, and solving world peace. Okay, that might be getting carried away; however, she did put on a hell of a performance. Not only did she save an otherwise yawn-worthy Oscars, she single-handedly resurrected her career. Within a week of her highly praised performance, Gaga tweeted that she had been cast in the next season of American Horror Story, “Hotel.” Well, isn’t that interesting? A coincidence that Oscars Host Neil Patrick Harris was cast last season after tweeting series creator Ryan Murphy that he wanted to be on the show? I think not! For whatever reason, color me excited. I thought I had lost interest with the possible departure of series matriarch Jessica Lange (whom I doubt would pass on the chance to star alongside Gaga).

The biggest surprise of this whole thing is how surprised everyone was that Gaga had this in her. I’m not surprised, Mother Monster. I knew you had it in you all along! The hills are alive and well with the sound of Gaga!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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