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Breaking Wonder Woman? The WW Movie Nabs a Director!

After much pontification, Michelle MacLaren has been tapped to direct the 2017-slated release of the Wonder Woman feature film. MacLaren has directing and producing credits that include The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad. Not a bad rap sheet, if I do say so myself. DC made it loud and clear that they were on the hunt for a female director for the silver screen debut of the amazing Amazon.

Wonder Woman is often mired in controversy as many beloved icons are. It’s hard to take a female empowerment icon seriously when she is clad in little more than a star-spangled bikini and a Pollyanna attitude, but that’s beside the point.

Wonder Woman is not just a bastion of female empowerment, she is a beacon of truth, love, and enlightenment. She represents acceptance, compassion, empathy, and no tolerance for B.S.

At the end of the day, I believe that it is her ideals that will keep WW alive and relevant. Wonder Woman is the hero of many, and it would be a daunting task to appease the masses for such a beloved icon.

One would assume they are following Zack Snyder’s dark path that he led Superman down for Man of Steel – with a creator tied to such dark and gritty projects – but I reserve judgment as Wonder Woman tends to inspire the best in all of us. Not to mention famed director David Fincher started out directing Madonna’s music videos for Hera’s sake.

The age of Wonder Woman is upon us. She is set to make her big screen debut in Batman V. Superman. She has a terrific digital first series in Sensation Comics and another one one the horizon in Wonder Woman ’77 which depicts her adventures in the style of the Lynda Carter television series. Hot off a stellar rejuvenation in her titular monthly comic by Brian Azarello and Cliff Chiang, Wonder Woman is poised to claim her spot in the big boys’ sand box (and box office!)

Although her comic series has had many ups and downs over the years – and her screen presence seemed cursed after several failed attempts to reignite what Lynda Carter had made legend – here’s to Diana finally getting her due in seemingly more than capable hands! You heard it, MacLaren. We have our eyes on you!


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