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Halo: Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Toe-may-toe, Toe-mah-toe? Katy or Gaga? Marvel Zombies or DC . . . ? (What the hell do DC fans call themselves, anyway?) DC Demons? I suppose in the age of Dan DiDio, they could be called DiDio heads.

When my brother introduced me to comics, he made his Marvel and strongly encouraged me to do the same.  When I discovered Wolfman/Perez’s New Teen Titans, all bets were off.  I had to suffer the disappointment of my brother, but I didn’t care. Perez’s pencils were more addictive than cocaine.  I didn’t read m(any) other DC titles, and then came along an Outsider: Batman and the Outsiders, that is.

Created by Mike W. and Jim Aparo, I initially dismissed them as Teen Titans wannabes, as the premise was similar. A new team of colorful heroes, half established, half newly created and led by Robin’s father figure to fight for freedom, justice, and senior citizens’ parking rights. (Okay, not the last one.)

Then, I saw they were doing the story “The Truth about Halo,” and it caught my attention. “Oh, cool! Just like “Who is Donna Troy?” So, I picked it up and discovered the art by Alan Davis.  I was instantly “drawn” in.  I guess this was around the time of the British Invasion of comics, and Alan Davis was part of the fold. His work was deemed a little quirky by some, so, naturally, I loved it, as I am oft considered a little quirky by some.  And, you know what? These Outsiders weren’t so bad (even with the absence of Ponyboy Curtis)! The next week I snatched up every back issue I could get my dainty mitts on, especially this Halo character.  She’s blonde, cute, and a little ditzy.  Another relatable appeal. She had the coolest origin, too.  A member of a race of sentient light balls from outer space called the Aurakles, Halo took an interest in sociopathic criminal Violet Harper.  When she was shot to death, Halo transferred its persona to the lifeless body of Violet. The shock of becoming human left Halo as an amnesiac.  Having cool powers and no idea who she was, what’s a girl to do but join a rag tag bunch of vigilantes led by the caped crusader, who promised to put those pointy eared detective skills to good work and figure out who the heck she was.  Batman eventually filled his promise, and Halo has been to Hell and back since having been sired, killed, resurrected, and put back under Batman’s watch as one of his covert Dead Hero’s Club Members.

There is a list of awesome characters who deserve to return to their former glory, and Halo is on the short list.  Like I said, she’s cute, blonde, and has one of the coolest costumes and most original origins I can think of.

So, what are you waiting for, DC? Hey, DiDio! When DC gets here to L.A., have your people call my people.  I have a Halo story that would blow you away!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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