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Holy Heartthrobs! Bieber and the Bat-pole!

Fanboy hearts were all aflutter after Justin Bieber tweeted a supposed script to Superman/Batman with his name on it. A whirlwind of speculation had spun whether the polarizing pop star had been tapped to play Robin against Ben Affleck’s controversial casting as Batman. Holy Hannah!

At first I joined the chorus of those who would say thee nay . . . Then, after I thought about it, I thought, “Wow! That’s kind of genius!”

I know that I put my life in peril supporting an unpopular move, but add it to my Paula Deen and Miley Cyrus shelf. Everyone was already pooping bricks over Affleck as Batman, why not cast someone equally as controversial as Robin? He may be able to pull it off. He has the physique. (Not that I noticed.) He has the ambition. He knows how to drive a cool car (or at least get pulled over in one!). The Damian incarnation of Robin was kind of a douchebag, and my favorite since Dick Grayson. Robin was a circus performer before he partnered up with the caped crusader, why can’t Bieber be a pop star before he co-stars in a summer blockbuster? Oh, and it will be a blockbuster! You’re putting Batman and Superman on film together for the first time, throw in the legion of screaming “girlfriends” in the Justin Bieber Army, and you add that demographic that spends the most money and wouldn’t necessarily be the first to see a testosterone-laden superhero flick. Pow! Cha-ching!

So, it remains to be seen what the dilly-O Justin was doing with that sacred script. All I am saying is give Biebs a chance!

Justin Bieber Robin MFT 2


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