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Bam! Pow! SheZow!

WTF!? I believe were my first thoughts when I heard about the new gender-bending cartoon that features a superheroine whose secret identity has a penis. The Hub has recently revealed its new superhero cartoon sensation in the form of SheZow!

She who? You ask. Well, according to series creator Scott Obie Card, he created SheZow as a twist on an old Saturday Morning favorite, The Isis and Shazam Power Hour. Everyone knows that when young Billy Batson says a certain wizard’s name – Shazam! he becomes a big, muscly crime fighter. So, if a boy can magically turn into a man, why can’t a boy magically become a girl?

When young Guy and his twin sister Kelly move into their recently deceased Aunt’s house, they soon discover their aunt was secret crime fighting femme fatale SheZow. When Guy accidentally puts on his aunt’s ring and says the secret magic phrase, “You go girl!” he becomes the coiffed crusader SheZow!

Now, apparently, this caused a little controversy and was even referred to as a transgender cartoon. (Which it’s not. Guy doesn’t feel like a girl trapped in a boy’s body, he’s a boy trapped in a female crime fighter’s body.) I think this is the best thing ever. As a society, we dictate gender roles ad nauseum. Boys play sports and girls play with dolls. When I was little, I played with dolls and was ostracized for it. SheZow is definitely a lighthearted take with a powerful message. If this cartoon was around when I was little, I might not have felt like as much of a freak every time I did twirls trying to turn into Wonder Woman. And, what of the poor, confused children that might get “the wrong idea” from the show? If the idea is that it doesn’t matter what your gender is in regard to what you can accomplish in life, then that sounds like the “right idea” to me. Aside from the societal connotations, SheZow is a hoot and a half that any Saturday Morning cartoon lover is sure to enjoy. I love all her super stereotypes such as her “beautility belt” and “She-cave.” And, there are TONS of Easter eggs for hardcore comic fans to boot. (To boot with a six-inch heel that is!) Check out SheZow on Saturday mornings on The Hub.


Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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