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Teen Titans: ‘Judas Contract,’ the Next DC Animated Movie?

Judas MFT

Judas MFTLet’s face it. DC Comics’ animated features kick major booty! (Wonder Woman was awesome! We need a Cheetah sequel, though!)  So, will the legendary “Judas Contract” storyline from Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s New Teen Titans run be the next DC animated movie? If Jarrid Steel has anything to say about it.

Jarrid caught my eye with his Facebook page, “The New Titans: Judas Contract, The Next DC Animated Movie.”   I am a huge Titans fan and had heard of this doomed project before. Apparently, this is Jarrid’s attempt to get the powers-that-be to greenlight the supposed third animated feature DC was to make. The project kept getting delayed and was finally shelved supposedly because of a lack of “broad fanbase appeal.” Huh?  I suppose Teen Titans Go! and the plethora of Wolfman/Perez fans that are ravenous – pun intended – for this project weren’t enough?   I heard a certain wolf person was being diva and killed it. But, that’s just heresay. Either way, it’s a shame this great story won’t likely see the light of day. But, never say never. Maybe with enough “likes” DC will hear our pleas.

I’m a huge Titans fan and would love to see this project go! (Dan Didio, can you hear me?) I asked Jarrid a few questions about his fan page and what he hopes to accomplish.

Michael Fitzgerald Troy: What made you start this page?

Jarrid Steel: I started the page, because they solicited the movie back in 2006 and it still hasn’t been released. New Teen Titans is the reason I began seriously collecting comics as a young man and still collect to this day. George Perez and Marv Wolfman’s run was groundbreaking for the time, and George changed the game with his hyper detailed art. So, I wanted them to get the recognition they deserve and finally see this movie made. In the explanation given by Marv for why the movie was canned, he said writing to WB animation might change their minds. Essentially, the page is an effort to show DCE and WB animation that the fans haven’t forgotten about this movie and that there is definitely still a demand for it to be made.

MFT: What do you know of the original project behind this?

JS: In 2006, when DC announced they’d be doing a series of direct to DVD animated movie projects. They solicited 3 to start with, the first was Superman*Doomsday, the 2nd was JLA: New Frontier, and the 3rd was New Teen Titans: Judas Contract. It was in production. They had character designs and animation stylized after George Perez’s art. Marv was pegged to write it, though, and there was a lot of tension between the producers and director and Marv, several re-writes, and then Marv quit. They were still going to do it, but then bigwigs at WB animation called for a more lucrative property to be released. WB said they thought it wouldn’t sell as well as Superman or Batman, and so they went and scrambled to throw together that crappy Gotham Nights movie. New Teen Titans was never put back into production.

MFT: Have you heard from any of the “right” people?

JS: By the “right” people I’ll assume you mean DCE or WB animation bigwigs, and the answer is no, though we have gained the support of Steve Ligtle but that’s about it. I do have contacts with some creators working for DCE at this time, though, and when we reach 1,000 likes, I’m going to start posting links to the page on their FBs and Twitters. Phil Jimenez has commented on certain posts that people have tagged him in on the page, and George Perez, as well, is aware of the page. When the time is right, I’ll be sharing it around to some people and hopefully they take notice and get behind us, too.

I was told when I first created the page that it was tried before and no one took notice. They said I was wasting my time, and I wouldn’t even reach 100 likes. We’re now passed 660 likes. My thoughts are it might not do anything to change their minds, but it also couldn’t hurt to try. So, here we are . . .

And, there you have it!  If you want to lend your support, go to Jarrid’s page and give it some “like” love.

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Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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