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Indie and the Geek: An Interview with Forrest Rawls (‘Legacy of the Holy Warrior,’ ‘The Legacy’)


The Legacy CoverI sat down with Forrest Rawls, writer of the comic book The Legacy, for my latest indie interview here on Indie and the Geek!






Nicole Sixx: We’ve known each other online in the indie circuit for a while now. What have your own experiences in the indie scene been like for you as a creator?

Forrest Rawls: Yes, we’ve known each other, but only talked here and there. Well, for me, it’s been kind of fun yet not so much. What I mean is that it’s great not having a boss and no rules; however, when you have to market yourself and try to get your work to the masses, it becomes a challenge because no one really wants to look at your work unless you have a name to support you and help promote you. At least, that is how I feel, but others may feel differently for sure. I know I’m supposed to make a name for myself, but to get there so far has been a very high climb to the top of the wonderful mountain of life and comics. I do like how Embers in Ashes let us use one of their songs that goes well with the story of the first couple issues.

NS: What is the best part of being an independent creator?

FR: Again, having no rules to what can be done; no one breathing down our necks except ourselves. My illustrator Corey and I have set deadlines for one another, even though we never seem to follow them very well.

NS: What’s the worst?

FR: I just wish that it was easier to get our name and our work out. It sucks not having that huge name and support, but I guess I’ll take it, though, because if there wasn’t an indie scene, there would only be ideas, and no one would have anything out, because no one would have the money to pay the big wigs to stamp their names on it. I’ve done the Facebook and Twitter thing with a small reaction. We have a little over 600 who’ve liked our Facebook page. So, I can say that is a decent start. Then, with Twitter The Legacy has followers but few retweets. I think the biggest retweet we received was from Ariel Winter, @arielwinter1.

The Legacy artNS: What can you tell us about what you’ve been working on lately?

FR: Well, with going to school online, I’ve written many short stories, and I feel I’ve completed my first movie script. I am the writer of this comic, so I have to come up with all the storylines, and even some of the characters that Corey has just thrown on paper, I’ve created stories for. But, we are like brothers, and we can get into each other’s minds, so we know where we want to take it and how far we will go. Next month is NaNoWriMo. I hope to have another novel completed and less errors, unlike my book, Legacy of the Holy Warrior, which The Legacy is based on.

NS: What is the main thing you hope that your readers will take away from your work?

FR: With this being a faith-based series, I want to capture an audience that has been dealing or has dealt with faith and the loss of faith. I know I was in a rut and came out the other end, but it is still a struggle to keep on the same path. I want readers to see and read a story that impacts their lives spiritually and religiously and just put a “Huh, I never thought of that” question in their mind. I want the end result to be for people to gain faith and to find their way back to whatever religion they may have had at one time, but I still want those who don’t believe to fall in love with the story and the artwork. To capture the hearts and minds of everyone I can and not to become rich and famous but just be content in writing a great story that captures the soul.








You can learn more about Forrest Rawls and his work at the following links:


Thanks, Forrest. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors!


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