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Indie and the Geek: An Interview with Peter Shinkoda (‘Falling Skies,’ ‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’)


Peter ShinkodaHey, gang!  Welcome to another issue of Indie and the Geek. As part of the way I have Indie and the Geek arranged, I will be bringing in different indie friends who have made it happen in the mainstream by keeping the DIY mentality. As such, in this issue I’ve sat down with my Vancouver bud Peter Shinkoda from Falling Skies and Mortal Kombat: Legacy to bring you an interview that I hope will inspire you all to keep fighting the good fight.




Nicole Sixx: After watching how it’s all come together, what is your favorite part of your own performance [in Falling Skies]?

Peter Shinkoda: Truth be told, my performance has never been about my “dialogue” or dramatic storyline. So, without trying to sound conceited, I would have to say that I feel that my “action” scenes were handled well by the directors, and they seem convincing enough to me. As long as it didn’t come off reminiscent of a Ken Jeong-type role!

NS: What do you hope comes next for Dai as a character?

PS: I’d love to see him take on more of a leadership role in the 2nd Mass, but nothing’s in my hands.

NS: What was your rise to the screen like as an actor? Where did you start and where do you want to be?

PS: I’ve been in this racket for 20 years, since I was a young teenager. I’d like to say it was an overnight thing, but it sure wasn’t. I’ve been diligent in my efforts, and they seem to be paying off recently. I just hope to stay a working actor and, of course, I’d like to take on juicier roles than are typically offered to Asian actors. I feel that we’ve been portrayed very one-dimensionally in the past. Spielberg hiring me for the unique role of Dai is a start in the right direction, and my hopes aren’t lost because of that!

NS: Who or what keeps you going when you need to be reminded why you chose to be an actor?

PS: One word. Fans. When they respond to my work, I digress back to the time I was a child and a huge fan of TV and movies. They are definitely the wind beneath my wings! People like you, Sixx!!!





Thank you for joining Pete and me for this issue of Indie and the Geek. If you would like to schedule your own indie interview with Indie and the Geek, please message us on our brand new Facebook page.

Join us two weeks from now as I sit down to interview Richard Zerga.




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