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Fanbase Press’ *Shop Small* Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Geeky Extras

In yet another unprecedented year, deciding on gifts for friends and family is likely to be the last thing on your mind this holiday season. In order to help those who have been impacted by the pandemic, this year Fanbase Press is focusing ONLY on the geeky merchandise and experiences which may be purchased from small businesses and independent creators.

Murder Mystery Dinner Party
Recommended by Steven Alloway

Murder Mystery Dinner Party events are a really fun experience, and a great gift for anyone who loves mysteries, puzzles, and interactive games.

In advance of the Zoom-based event, you’ll be sent a few details of the story that is to unfold, including some clues to share with the other players, and the character you’ll be playing in the story. You can make your character as simple or as detailed as you want: dressing up in costume and decorating your space is encouraged. An accent or character voice doesn’t go amiss either—though it’s certainly not required, it adds to the fun.

Once in the Zoom space, you can interact with all the other colorful characters/players, as the host guides you through a series of clues and puzzles, to try and solve the mystery. Anyone could be the murderer—even you!

Murder Mystery Dinner Party offers a host of different events throughout the year, with all different geeky themes. Some past mysteries have been based on Clue, Mystery, Inc., Dracula, and Hollywood’s golden age. A Doctor Who-based mystery is coming soon, as well. You can buy a ticket for one of the regularly scheduled events, or book your own Murder Mystery Dinner Party, for private events or corporate team building.

In addition to Zoom events, the company also offers in-person activities, called Mystery Quests, wherein a scavenger hunt aspect is added to the mystery and puzzle motif. Some of these games are held in the L.A. area, while others are structured so that you can play from anywhere, using your own neighborhood as the playing environment.

Cost: Prices vary depending on the event, but are usually about $25.
Click here to visit the website.

Raygun Tea Party
Recommended by Travis Lakata

If you or your kids are looking for fun, new shirts to deck out, then look no further than the Raygun Tea Party store! They have fun t-shirts that highlight their unique logo where you feel like you’ve been lost in one of your favorite fairy tales growing up as a kid. They also have shirt options for the entire family, as each member can best align with their inner spirit. Who is good, neutral, or evil, mixed in with lawful or chaotic tendencies?

If I had to pick a color, I’d lean toward purple, but am I really neutral evil? What would you pick for yourself or your kids? Check out these fun tees and let your family shine brightly with their own personalities.

Cost: $20
Click here to search their full online store.

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