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Geeky Parent Guide: Loving ‘Teen Titans Go!’ and the Silliness That Ensues

Teen Titans Go! is an animated series that my kids absolutely love. It’s silly with incredibly ridiculous moments where my kids can laugh at the characters as they go about saving the world. If you are interested in adding some of that silliness to your little one’s world, then consider this fun animated series.

Be warned: Your kids might laugh non-stop without warning, and their cackles will be heard throughout the entirety of your house. They will get loud, and it will be okay. For future reference, use the recorder on your phone to record their laughter, so you can play it back during your older years.

How Silly Is Silly with Teen Titans Go!?

Have you heard the expression, “Dance your butt off?”  Well, I’m sure I have heard it several different times throughout the course of my life, but I never believed a literal interpretation would take form in Teen Titans Go!

That’s right; you guessed it. One of the Teen Titans dances and dances until his “booty” flies off. Robin wasn’t allowed inside of a fenced-in gate unless said dancing took place. Robin struggles as he dances non-stop with Beast Boy shouting, “I said dance your butt off!” It’s absolutely absurd to watch, but if your kids enjoy seeing silly things as much as mine do, you’ll soon find yourself smiling, too. I’m sure my initial expression was, “What am I watching?” But, after my kids lost it, I couldn’t help to laugh at my own kids’ laughter.

Laughter is contagious, so letting our kids enjoy superheroes behaving like kids is completely okay. My kids have also realized there are important lessons to be learned throughout the show. Whether they feel like Robin is a horrible leader because he’s too selfish, or that everyone brings value to the team, like when Beast Boy was able to help Cyborg when he was infected with a virus, Teen Titans Go! does provide a counterbalance to the weirdly funny.

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How My Kids Describe Teen Titans Go!

Marshall and Adelaide were quite enthusiastic in their desire to help me with this article. That’s how much joy it brings them. As soon as I mentioned I’d be writing about Teen Titans Go!, they immediately talked about how they could help. Not only that, they just started listing off things about each character.

Marshall’s immediate thoughts:

“Robin is mean.”
“Starfire is super nice. She’s so nice that she turned a nemesis into a good guy.”
“Cyborg is really friendly.”

This past comment gave Adelaide a reason to jump in:

“Cyborg loves Beast Boy. And pizza. He also has meatball parties.”
“Also, Raven is always kind of sad. I think it’s her cloak.”

During all of their thoughts, it made me realize how much they pay attention to what they’re seeing on TV. When they see good or bad behavior, they get it. Sure, kids can emulate things they see, but they really seem to understand that these characters (although fictional) have relatable feelings about things (e.g., friendships, pizza, amazing dance moves).

Yes, Teen Titans Go! is incredibly lighthearted in nature, with plenty of comical things that take place; however, my kids seem to be able to dissect the good from the bad and share that with me – and I think that’s pretty cool. Listen, am I always in the mood to hear bathroom jokes (or “potty talk”)? No. Is it possible – and completely okay – that they hear or read humor like this in the stories they consume? Absolutely.

The biggest thing I have to remind myself from time to time is that my kids are just that: kids. They are 7 and 9, and despite being exceptionally mature for their ages, I have to realize shows like this are important to them. Especially after a grueling past few years where isolation was part of their daily lives. Being silly and laughing is a necessity, so when it comes to fun shows like Teen Titans Go!, it’s important to let them have some TV time and enjoy.

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Where Can You Find Teen Titans Go!

My kids have enjoyed Teen Titans Go! quite a bit through various methods. First, if you have a local library card, I highly recommend seeing if they carry any Teen Titans Go! titles. The library is a great resource to help your kids discover new favorites, whether it’s books, TV shows, or movies – among other great resources.

Another great option is heading over to YouTube to DC Kids or Cartoon Network UK. Both channels have a ton of videos where your kids can check out various clips from the show. Plus, the great thing about YouTube is using the app on our TV. There are times when I worry about what advertisements might pop up on YouTube, but I have not experienced any explicitly mature content in those ads through these channels.

Whether you have access to the Cartoon Network channel or not, their website does offer some episodes for free.  At this time, there are currently five episodes available to watch without any kind of restrictions. It is also available on other streaming services, currently listed with Hulu, HBO Max, and Sling TV.

My kids have several Teen Titans Go! DVDs in their collection, so feel free to explore different sites like Amazon to see if there are any at a good price. I recommend this option only after you know your kids enjoy the series before spending money on it.

Share Your Thoughts with the GPG!

Do your kids have a favorite TV show with plenty of silly antics? Are you prepared to watch Robin “dance his butt off” with your kids? Would you like to see us review the original Teen Titans series, which I would say is much less silly and more of a classic take on superheroes? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Plus, don’t forget to like and share this on Facebook and Twitter where you can share your opinions with us there, as well.

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