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Geeky Parent Guide: ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7’ Continues Its Legacy of Great Storytelling

After just watching the first two episodes of Star Wars: The Clone WarsSeason 7 back to back, there’s only one conclusion I can come to: It is the epitome of great storytelling. The creative team throughout the series has again done an amazing job of choreographing sequences with characters you want to hold onto dearly.

The Bad Batch 179

The Clone Wars: Season 7, Episode 1: “The Bad Batch”

The return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars undoubtedly brings a sense of supreme joy in our lives. First announced at 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, fans have been waiting to experience Season 7 when the first episode dropped on Disney+ on Friday, February 21, 2020. With a year-and-a-half wait, the anticipation could have led to a fundamental let down, if the series did not live up to its previous record of amazing television.


“The Bad Batch” showcases the very heart of the series; regardless of who is on screen, it’s impossible to not get enveloped within the story. Quick scenes featuring Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker then lead to a group of clones stealing the show. They’re on a secret mission to steal an algorithm that’s allowed the Separatist military force to adapt to the Republic’s strategies and win more battles. Captain Rex, Cody, and an unknown special task force are sent on this mission, in the hopes of using unorthodox tactics to accomplish their mission.

Clone Force 99, otherwise known as The Bad Batch, is a collection of highly skilled clones who don’t look like your typical clones. If you think you’ve seen it all in the Star Wars universe, then this first episode in The Clone Wars proves that there’s a reason to keep coming back – and always wanting more. Along with being an amazing fighting force, this band of clones gives a whole new meaning of “talking the talk” and then “walking the walk.” The battle scenes, expert marksmanship, and aggressive tactics give fans an exciting episode that, without question, leave us wanting more.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars once again proves that the ability to tell amazing stories doesn’t have to land on the big screen or come in live-action form. The creative team of episode 1, spearheaded by Executive Producer Dave Filoni, display a clear path in the final season of what is animated genius. If anything, it will again have people clambering for more, because it’s that good – and that is the reason why #StoriesMatter. It’s the ability to connect people to amazing characters within awesome stories, while reinforcing positive messages that are absolutely relatable in the real world. In this episode, Captain Rex believes a long-time friend and fallen soldier is alive. Despite the likelihood of such a thing being true, Rex continues to do something that many should do in any tenuous situation: to go with your gut.

Whether going with one’s gut is a realistic or logical thing to do, it is 100% compelling to watch onscreen. The sequence of events leading up to whether or not Rex is right is the very reason why Star Wars: The Clone Wars is one of my favorite things ever, and this episode is already near the top of my list within the show’s history.

To watch the cast and crew respond to the epic return to this franchise, check out The Clone Wars Download.

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The Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 2: “A Distant Echo”

“Never give up, never surrender,” a classic phrase from Galaxy Quest, and the old adage, “Never leave a man behind,” are built into Captain Rex’s DNA. There is this unwavering unity that comes with Rex who seems defined by his loyalty and honor, while also being haunted by those who have fallen before him. There’s an undeniable sense that fans get from Rex that he wants to do the right thing, or at least make up for what he might consider failures in the past. He believes that his friend Echo is alive and is the reason for the Separatists being able to outmaneuver the Republic on the battlefield. Is he right?

The Bad Batch are back again, but, this time, General Skywalker comes along on this “stealth” mission. Let’s just say that one character’s sense of enthusiasm might prevent him from flying under the radar. Episode 2 drums up personal feelings for Captain Rex, as others try to prepare him for the worst – that Echo is, in fact, dead. Despite all of it, there’s a standard to hold true to the mission and get the job done right. Well, minus the whole stealth thing. Thanks, Wrecker.

“A Distant Echo” presents a clear reason why the fundamentals behind The Clone Wars work so well. The characters stand up for each other. They want to do the right thing and follow through with their missions for the greater good. The clones, along with Skywalker, prove again that their ability to adapt to dangerous situations allows them to do just that. Despite ultimately knowing the outcome in the Star Wars universe (Spoiler alert: It does not go well for the Republic.), there is this unwavering hope that somehow, in some way, the characters will prevail. It’s an incredible feeling to be so invested in characters that trapped within a doomed storyline. If that’s not powerful storytelling, if that’s not why #StoriesMatter, because we love these characters so much, then I don’t know what storytelling should be and I should quit writing fiction forever.

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The Clone Wars: Season 7 – My Geeky Parent Take

Hope. I hope for more. I hope that these characters live. Despite all reasons, knowing the truth of things to come, I hope for good to overcome evil. The Clone Wars: Season 7 has elevated the franchise’s greatness platform to another tier. Again, it is undoubtedly great. It has its hooks in me. Yes, I’ll say hooks, because in no way do I want to joke about a force grip on my soul. I’d have trouble believing that someone from the dark side would ever let go of their grip.

If parents and their kids have kept current with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, then you will not be disappointed. There aren’t as many intense deadly sequences in the first two episodes, primarily because we witness droid deaths and their responses when facing impeding doom are quite comical. If you love Star Wars, you will love The Clone Wars. The first two episodes of Season 7 prove that, and yes, I can’t wait for more. Yes, that means beyond Season 7, too.

Until next time, happy parenting and happy geeking.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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