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Fanbase Press’ Geeky Love Letters: A Love Letter to Squishables

Love is in the air at Fanbase Press! In this magical month of romance and enchantment, the Fanbase Press Staff and Contributors decided to stop and smell the roses. Throughout the week of Valentine’s Day, a few members of the Fanbase Press crew will be sharing their personal love letters to the areas of geekdom they adore the most.

Dear Squishables,

My grandmother once told me that everyone needs a teddy bear. No, she did not have stock in Steiff Bears, but I think she did believe that sometimes having a plush toy could make the difference between a bad day and a terrible day. By having something to snuggle when times were tough going, especially when the person who cared about you couldn’t be present with you, the plushie could become a representation of that person’s love and support. Now, many years later, I still have that teddy bear, and many others; however, not everyone wants a bear, so enter Squishables, which allows a person to enjoy (cuddle) a plush toy of their choosing.  

I remember when I came across my first Squishable. At that time, I think the focus was animals, such as cats, different breeds of dogs, hedgehogs, fish, whales, pigs, seals, and bears. There were a few mythical animals such as dragons, too; however, you expanded into comfort foods – cookies, cake, toast, donuts, even grilled cheese, and waffles – all with cute faces, waiting to be cuddled. But the variety does not stop there.

There are different sizes, too! The micros are three inches of squeeze, minis are seven inches of cuddles, and your Squishables are 15 inches of pure squish – the best size! There are trending Squishables and limited-edition minis. Well, there are just too many to choose from! It is difficult to just buy one. When I was trying to decide between a leopard and a dragon Squishable, I hung my head in defeat and bought both!

I am appreciative of how you look for new design ideas from your fans through your Project Open Squish. Maybe I can enter a design for a cute Egyptian mummy with a couple of metallic blue scarabs peeking out of the wrappings. Maybe even a few tattered linens trailing behind? I’m just thankful that you understand that each of us like different animals, foods, and geeky stuff made squishy. Squishables truly has something for everyone.

Thank you for making the days more pleasant, and please keep making my world a more squishy friendly place!

With squishable love,


PS: It has been a few years since I bought my leopard and dragon, so while visiting your website to see what was new, I immediately fell in love with the Egyptian minis of Anubis and Bastet. They were adorable and even though I have come across the feline goddess on rare occasions, the god of the dead is a different story. Yeah, needless to say, I bought the pair. Of course, I saw the limited-edition Sphinx after I finished placing my order. Hmmm, excuse me while I place another order!

Michele Brittany, Fanbase Press Contributor



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