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Fanbase Press’ Geeky Love Letters: A Love Letter to the ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

Love is in the air at Fanbase Press! In this magical month of romance and enchantment, the Fanbase Press Staff and Contributors decided to stop and smell the roses. Throughout the week of Valentine’s Day, members of the Fanbase Press crew will be sharing their personal love letters to the areas of geekdom they adore the most.

S is for Spellman, lips red as a rose
A is for Aunties and cousin Ambrose 
B is for Beautiful, that’s what you are
R is for rise, as in rise, Morningstar
I I’m indentured to you for you smile
N I would never stray from your guile
Finally, A is the last, that is true 
But gods, witches, devils can’t keep me from you.
Sabrina, I’ve never felt like this. Not just your eyes or strength or grace or charm. I’ve never met a woman with your strongest ability, to build a following large enough to make Netflix give you an appropriate series ending. True power. 
Your best power, though, is your ability to give love without reciprocation. Be it your friends, family, or some misunderstood hobgoblin, you find a way to shine dark light wherever you are. Lucifer, Lilith, Kings of Hell, and more can’t bring you down to their level. Well, they brought you down, but you made it yours. So have you done with my heart. It’s yours to do with as you will. You’ve put a spell on me, Spellman, one I can’t break. To leave you would be my greatest mistake. 
Yours, now and forever, come Hell or high water, the Dark Lord just lost his one favorite daughter. 
Praise Hecate,
Your biggest admirer in all the realms


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