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‘Star Wars’ Cantina Cocktails

You don’t have to go to Takodana to get the latest in trending cantina cocktails. Garlic, My Soul, Fanboy Comics, and I are back on the trail of the hottest fan foods and have traveled across galaxies for this installment. From Mos Eisley Cantina to Maz Kanata’s castle, here are two signature drinks that stuck with us.

Maz herself gave us this first drink – her version of a summer classic here on Earth, the “beer-garita.” Maz’s Dragonfruit Lagerita is a favorite at her watering hole. The mild acidity and sweetness of the dragon fruit match a light lager perfectly. The dragon fruit (seeds and all) blends in with the beer foam for a strange, but wonderfully refreshing, drink – Maz knows her stuff.

The Rambutan-jito is a little stronger and involves some infused rum and a spikey fruit called the Rambutan. On Earth it’s native to Southeast Asia but can also be spotted across a few different systems, including one that’s home to Tatooine.

Star%20Wars%20Cocktails 4So, whether you’re old school or into the new stuff, we’ve got a drink for you. One, you can drink from the safety of your own home planet (or ship or outpost) and dodge the notoriously dangerous spaceport cantina scene . . . for now. Enjoy!

Maz Kanata’s Dragon Fruit Lagerita with Sriracha Salt

1 dragon fruit
1 12 oz. light lager
1 lime
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon Sriracha

1. To create the Sriracha salt, mix Sriracha and salt on flat surface (like a plate) and set aside.
2. Cut lime and use edge to rim your pint glass.
3. Now dip your pint glass rim into the Sriracha salt. Give a little shimmy to make sure it’s thoroughly coated.
4. Pour lager into pint glass.
5. Cut dragon fruit into quarters and remove skin.
6. Blend the dragon fruit until liquid, the seeds will still be there but are fine to eat.
7. Empty dragon fruit liquid into beer.
8. Give a quick stir.
9. Allow to separate – may take about 5-10 minutes.
10. The finished drink will have the dragon fruit puree mixed in with the lager foam.


1 rambutan per drink
6 oz. V8 ‘Healthy Greens’ juice
1 shot infused pineapple mint rum (light rum, pineapple, mint leaves)

For the infused rum:
2 cups light rum
¼ cup cut pineapple
1 small handful mind leaves

1. Mix all together in a jar and set aside for two weeks.
2. After two weeks, strain and save for your Rambutan-jito.

For the drink:
1. Cut the rambutan by slicing a quarter inch through the outer shell, peel apart, and pull the fruit out from the center.
2. Place rambutan in bottom of glass.
3. Pour in green juice.
4. Pour in shot pineapple mint rum.
5. Give a quick swirl and you’re on your way.
6. You can decide to eat the rambutan at the end or leave it but it’s pretty tasty.

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This post is courtesy of the talented chefs at Garlic, My Soul!  Be sure to stop by their website to see posts like this one and many more! 




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