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Radioactive Godzilla Shot (“Atomic Breath”)

This weekend belonged to Godzilla. I watched with rapt attention as he woke from hibernation, swam the Pacific Ocean, and battled the mighty, mating MOTU only to take a brief nap and then crash back under the waves, returning to the ocean depths from which he came.

What a stud, amirite? Sure, he knocks s–t over, but it’s all on the way to restore natural order to a world he arguably doesn’t have to care about. Some monsters just have altruistic motives to their city smashing, I guess. Whereas most others simply want to populate the earth and together crunch every skyline from here to Tokyo.

In that light, Godzilla has downright commendable character. I’d certainly buy the guy a drink.

So, at Garlic, My Soul we decided to do one better. We thought, why not make him a nice, relaxing drink filled with radioactivity, so he can kick back and recharge? He sure looked like he could use it.

(What follows is an experiment in nuclear beverage mixing. Please, don’t take this responsibility lightly.)

Godzilla 3 aa6Ingredients

½ cup blue curacao
½ cup vodka
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 tablespoon club soda


  1. Shake up blue curacao and vodka.
  2. Add lime juice.
  3. Carefully pour in the plutonium . . . I mean club soda.
  4. Leave near a shoreline for Gojira to pick up at his leisure.

This post is courtesy of the talented chefs at Garlic, My Soul!  Be sure to stop by their website to see posts like this one and many more!




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