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Felix Felicis

Muggle, wizard, centaur, or troll, we could all use a little bit more luck, am I right? Recreationally, of course. (We do not condone the use of our Felix Felicis recipe in official sporting matches of any kind and adhere to all stated mandates of the International Quiddich Association.)

But, who has the time to brew a six-month potion or the gall to risk all of those pesky side effects at the slightest mistake – dismemberment, death, etc.? We’re not Hermione Granger or the Half-Blood Prince, here.

So, while it is true that proper Felix Felicis is a bit tricky to prepare yourself, we’ve cleverly devised a shorthand brew that will give you all the same effects at a fraction of the trouble.

This should take you just minutes. Give it a whirl and see if it doesn’t lower your inhibitions and give you that warm, courageous feeling you need to finally talk to that girl at the pub.

DSC 0478 257Ingredients

1 cup Hard cider (We used Strongbow, but there are many other great brands out there.)
½ cup Ginger beer
1 shot Firewhiskey (known to most Muggles as Fireball)
1 tart apple
1 blood orange
1 juicy pear


  1. Dice your fruit.
  2. Blend all ingredients (gently, as it is still a slightly combustible concoction) in a cocktail shaker.
  3. Let sit for just a moment.
  4. Strain through the shaker’s top strainer.
  5. Enjoy at your leisure.


This post is courtesy of the talented chefs at Garlic, My Soul!  Be sure to stop by their website to see posts like this one and many more!




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