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A Day in the Kitchen of . . . Superman!


GMS Apple Tart 1Have you ever wondered about your favorite superhero’s favorite foods? Food is a universal language, and you can use it to connect with anyone — even characters in your favorite comics! When our friends over at Fanboy Comics suggested that we collaborate with them, our wheels started to turn as we imagined the many possibilities of exploring foods related to some of our nerdier tendencies.

That’s right, aside from our love of Brussels sprouts and farm fresh eggs (nerdy in its own right), a few of us at Garlic, My Soul display some of the more classically nerdy characteristics. Be prepared to get more acquainted with that side of us, because this will be the first of many geek-tastic GMS posts. And, we thought we’d kick things off by conducting a little thought experiment.

A Day in the Kitchen of Superman

Last week, we all shared a fundamentally American experience: a national Presidential election. In honor of that momentous occasion, we’re focusing on the superhero that screams “All American” to us*. Okay, sure, technically, Superman is an alien. But, he’s a member of the Justice League of America, and he’s really just a Kansas farm boy at heart.

We’re betting those farm roots had a huge effect on his culinary tastes. I’m sure Superman has never even heard of a blog, but if we served just about anything from the ranch kitchen of our favorite lady, The Pioneer Woman, he’d gobble it up and ask for seconds.

So, let’s think. What would Superman have for breakfast? Eggs and bacon, obviously. Definitely a tall glass of milk. He probably skips the coffee to avoid the caffeine dependency. (Blasphemy if you ask me, but that’s why I’m more of a Batman lady.)

For lunch, we imagine that Superman is a grab something on-the-go kind of guy. Whether he’s rushing to finish a news story as Clark Kent or doing his whole super-speed, super-strength, saving-the-day act. He probably has just enough time to grab a ham sandwich on his way out the door.

GMS Pot RoastAt dinner time, your average superhero is going to need to refuel. If you’re a farm boy like Clark Kent, you probably love the kind of dishes that cook slow and easy all day long while you’re out working. We think the Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pot Roast would be just right, and we’ve even had the pleasure of making this one for ourselves a few times.

However, it’s the dessert that we get really excited about. Our thoughts immediately turned to apple pie, and we set out to find a recipe that we’d enjoy making just as much as Superman would enjoy eating. For this, we turned to Martha Stewart, and her Apple Tart. Because Martha always knows.

GMS Apple Tart 3Rebecca whipped up this delightful treat over the weekend. Can’t you just imagine Superman eating a slice of this with some milk? I bet he’d remember to compliment the chef and offer to do the dishes, too.

So, there you have it. All-American Apple Tart, fit for a culturally iconic fictional hero, but easy enough to make in the real world. Try it sometime!




*Easy there, Captain America. You’ll get your turn.



What superhero should we cook for next?




Corelyn Coates, 'Garlic, My Soul' Contributor



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