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Fanbase Press’ Scariest: ‘Channel Zero’

As Halloween is fast approaching, the Fanbase Press staff and contributors decided that there was no better way to celebrate this horrifically haunting holiday than by sharing our favorite scary stories! Be they movies, TV shows, video games, novels, or any other form of entertainment, members of the Fanbase Press crew will be sharing their “scariest” stories each day leading up to Halloween. We hope that you will enjoy this sneak peek into the terrors that frighten Fanbase Press!

Horror fans have long-craved a great television show to grip them by the hairs on the back of their necks and tug. Hard. Many thought American Horror Story was the answer, but in its wake comes a beautiful, surreal, and oh-so-scary show, Channel Zero (SyFy).

Channel Zero premiered in October 2016 to what was probably a skeptical audience, given the lack of horror on the small screen. But, from the very first episode, Channel Zero completely renovated the world of television horror. Much like AHS, every season promises a new storyline with new characters and settings – and one might at first consider it a rip-off. Don’t be so quick to judge, though. Unlike AHS, the actors change from season to season, are largely lesser-known or unknown, and have impeccable acting skills against incredible writing to keep viewers coming back for more horror.

The fright factor itself is sometimes so incredibly subtle that it makes the show even more terrifying. Every part of the show lends a hand to the scares. For instance, the cinematography. Sometimes, the screen shows a character at the far side of the shot, with an empty setting next to them. During those moments, one can’t help but scour that negative space for something to occur. It may happen; it may not. That’s the beauty of Channel Zero. One has absolutely no idea what to expect next.

That carries over to the plots themselves. In Season One (Channel Zero: Candle Cove), we follow a group of adults whose children are disappearing… only to find out they themselves ran into trauma as children with their friends disappearing, as well, all after watching a mysterious ’80s television show, Candle Cove. I never thought an ’80s puppet show would scare me, but even thinking about it a year later, I can’t help but be freaked out by those puppets.

With Season Two, it’s tough to not fall into that sophomore slump, but with Channel Zero: No-End House, the fear is sky high. But, Channel Zero provides more than just jump scares, and this season has plenty of psychological anguish to keep those eyelids wide open. Twists and turns abound in each incredible episode, and the next week cannot come soon enough to dive back into the house that has no end.

Channel Zero has proven itself the undisputed king of horror television and has accomplished more than any other show of its genre in recent decades. If you have not yet taken that leap and tuned in, don’t wait another second to make your Halloween the scariest ever with this brilliant, intelligent, and chilling show.

Angie Martin, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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