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#CrowdfundingFridays: ‘The Book of Three Gates,’ ‘Angelica Reigns: The Faith #1,’ ‘Escape from Jesus Island,’ and ‘West of Weird’

Here at Fanbase Press, we strive to provide an outlet for up-and-coming creators to promote and showcase their incredible works. With thousands of creators utilizing crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to make those works a reality, we will highlight these talented creators and their noteworthy campaigns through #CrowfundingFridays! We hope that you will join us in giving these projects a moment of your time (and possibly your support)!

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Project #1: The Book of Three Gates: An Esoterica of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos
What it’s about: The Book of Three Gates compiles newly edited editions of H.P. Lovecraft’s public domain stories of eldritch horror, edited and produced by Simon Berman, and illustrated by renowned deific and fantasy artist, Valerie Herron (The Book of the Great Queen, The Book of Starry Wisdom).
The coolest backer reward: I think the coolest reward for anyone new to my premium editions is the $85 level including a copy of The Book of Three Gates, an eBook copy of The Book of Three Gates, and both physical and eBook copies of the companion volume, The Book of Starry Wisdom, and finally, Kickstarter exclusive 8″x10″ giclée “Trimorphe” art print, signed by illustrator Valerie Herron.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Project #2: Angelica Reigns: The Faith #1
What it’s about: Angelica Reigns is about a young woman trying to establish an identity outside of the shadow of her parents. She soon discovers that there’s no escaping who she is. This is a tale of demons, magic, wonder, and self-discovery that will have you wondering about the world outside. The purpose of the campaign is to bring readers a great supernatural story with a diverse background. Another purpose of the campaign is the raise the profile of Evoluzione as a whole.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Flesh bound bible 427

Project #3: Escape from Jesus Island
What it’s about: An attempt to clone the savior goes horribly wrong, unleashing the Antichrist and scores of cannibalistic mutants. Can the Vatican Black Ops save the day?
The coolest backer reward: Flesh-bound Bible. The FX masters at The Shoggoth Assembly present the Antichrist’s Flesh-Bound Bible. Each will feature a unique design, created by stitching together super realistic silicone flesh and assorted body parts to create an item sure to make you the talk of your next Bible study group.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

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Project #4: West of Weird
What it’s about: A teenager gets adopted by an Asian American dad. Before they can figure out their relationship, the father/son relocate from California to Texas where they deal with heat, nosy neighbors, all around culture shock, and a kidnapping couple.
The coolest backer reward: Your name in the back of the book and multiple printed copies!

Click here to visit the Inkshares crowd-publishing campaign.

If you have a crowdfunding campaign that you would like to have included in Fanbase Press’ #CrowdfundingFridays series, please contact barbra (at) fanbasepress (dot) com for details.


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