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#CrowdfundingFridays: ‘Truly Outrageous: A Jem and the Holograms Musical Parody,’ ‘Alternate Dimension: A 2023 Accidental Aliens Anthology,’ and ‘The Ninja Scouts & The Sorcerers’ Spat’

Here at Fanbase Press, we strive to provide an outlet for up-and-coming creators to promote and showcase their incredible works. With thousands of creators utilizing crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to make those works a reality, we will highlight these talented creators and their noteworthy campaigns through #CrowfundingFridays! We hope that you will join us in giving these projects a moment of your time (and possibly your support)!

Project #1: Truly Outrageous: A Jem and the Holograms Musical Parody

What it’s about: Relive the camp and fun of the ’80s in this unofficial parody musical of the iconic TV series, Jem and the Holograms. When Jerrica Benton inherits half of Starlight Music and Starlight House For Orphans, she discovers that they are on the brink of financial ruin due to her father’s strange investment in holograph technology. But a holographic friend may be exactly what she needs to save the house! Synergy, a holograph-creating machine, can transform plain Jerrica into fabulous Jem. Jem and her best friends decide to compete in a bodacious battle of the bands against the gnarly Misfits to win a record deal and save Starlight House.

In addition to a fun musical comedy that will appeal to Jem fans and those new to the series, we wanted to make a story about acceptance and inclusivity (along with rad ’80s costumes and totally tubular lingo). Jem and the Holograms was all about glamour and glitter, fashion and fame, and while our play will have all of that, it will also have a story and cast as diverse as Synergy is magical. We are a family of men, women, and non-binary individuals. Our members are queer, trans, straight, Black, Asian, White, able-bodied, people who use wheelchairs, people with invisible illness, people who love glitter, and all who have a love of the ’80s and killer comedic timing.   

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Project #2: Alternate Dimension: A 2023 Accidental Aliens Anthology

What it’s about
: The Anthology Series Continues! The pandemic hit a lot of us hard. But after three years, we’re finally back at it again! Picking up from where we left off, we’ve created 6 new comic short stories featuring adventures into an alternate dimension. Because what better way to process what we went through than escaping to a world not like ours.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

AccidentalAliensAD 30b

Project #3: The Ninja Scouts & The Sorcerers’ Spat

What it’s about
: In a world where various genres and archetypes are represented by after-school clubs, preteens Tamara, Scott, and Carlos have joined The Ninja Scouts! Together, they’re learning the ninja skills they need to save their neighborhood from bizarre, otherworldly threats. After wrapping up an altercation with their rivals, The Pirate Scouts, Scott convinces Tamara and Carlos to check out the local wizarding school run by his parents. Located conveniently between the smoothie shop and the CPA, the Macfarlane & Mangal Wizarding School’s open house starts off well enough. Then things take a turn when a golem crashes through the wall and attacks the place. Luckily, a Ninja Scout is trained to handle anything! Written by Kevin Doyle (Doctor Destructica, Carlo Scolari: Attorney at Law). Artwork by Martin Plško (Ronin Blood, The Disciple). Lettering by Kevin D. Lintz (Team Slug).

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

TheNinjaScouts b84

If you have a crowdfunding campaign that you would like to have included in Fanbase Press’ #CrowdfundingFridays series, please contact barbra (at) fanbasepress (dot) com for details.


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