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#CrowdfundingFridays: ‘House of Fear: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow and Other Scary Stories,’ ‘Stretch Marks,’ and ‘Fa Sheng: Origins #1’

Here at Fanbase Press, we strive to provide an outlet for up-and-coming creators to promote and showcase their incredible works. With thousands of creators utilizing crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to make those works a reality, we will highlight these talented creators and their noteworthy campaigns through #CrowfundingFridays! We hope that you will join us in giving these projects a moment of your time (and possibly your support)!

Project #1: House of Fear: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow and Other Scary Stories

What it’s about: House of Fear is a comic book series featuring stand-alone, fantasy-adventure stories told in the trappings of classic horror. The series is written by James Powell, with art by Jethro Morales, chapter break art by James Hislope, colors by Josh Jensen, and letters/designs by Matt Krotzer. This campaign is to raise funds to print our 2nd trade paperback collection, House of Fear: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow and Other Scary Stories. This 176-page volume collects eight tales from the House of Fear series, and includes two new stories!

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Project #2: Stretch Marks Graphic Novel: A Psychologic Autobiography

What it’s about
: A personal comic that reflects on the times that people STRETCHed my self-esteem with their reMARKS about my body. I am tired of seeing fat/big/plus size/beautiful people lose in today’s society — from the way we are portrayed to the way we talk to ourselves and how we internalize self-hatred adopted from ideas gathered over a lifetime. Stretch Marks was a graphic novel started in 2017 and now completed in 2022 to reclaim how I feel about my body, which I hope helps others to love theirs too.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Stretch Marks 5d8

Project #3: Fa Sheng: Origins #1

What it’s about
: The epic journey of the death-cheating, mind-bending Shaolin Master begins here, in a thrilling, all-new comic. Readers of the The Adept know Fa Sheng as a death-cheating, mind-bending Shaolin Master… but he carved a long, bloody road to get there. Fa Sheng’s story begins in the latter days of the 19th century when the propaganda and carnage of China’s Boxer Uprising force him to reevaluate his purpose in life, to dedicate himself to helping those in need. It isn’t easy. Between Fa Sheng and his goal of enlightenment stand ruthless adversaries, backstabbing power-grabbers and cowardly charlatans… any of whom would gladly dispose of anyone in their way.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Fa Sheng 1 00e

If you have a crowdfunding campaign that you would like to have included in Fanbase Press’ #CrowdfundingFridays series, please contact barbra (at) fanbasepress (dot) com for details.


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