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#CrowdfundingFridays: ‘Adventures Everywhere: A Comic-Book Anthology for Kids,’ ‘Benchmark #1,’ and ‘What Follows Is True: Crescent Hotel’

Here at Fanbase Press, we strive to provide an outlet for up-and-coming creators to promote and showcase their incredible works. With thousands of creators utilizing crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to make those works a reality, we will highlight these talented creators and their noteworthy campaigns through #CrowfundingFridays! We hope that you will join us in giving these projects a moment of your time (and possibly your support)!

Project #1: Adventures Everywhere: A Comic-Book Anthology for Kids

What it’s about: Adventures Everywhere is a comic-book anthology made for kids and young teens, with stories exploring sexual orientation, gender identity, grief, self-acceptance, leaping into the unknown, and so much more, showing young adults that everything can be an adventure if you put your heart into it. The stories themselves range from a fire-breathing hamster on a quest to save baby turtles to a young witch making friends with an invisible glowing cat.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Project #2: Benchmark #1

What it’s about
: A collection of short stories by Robb Cramer consisting of time travel, a Nun with a gun, aliens and motorcycles. What more could you ask for?

The coolest backer reward: The top tier at $150 is the true fan package. You get all 4 stickers, plus the Kevin Paige Racer Rick sticker, The original cover of BENCHMARK, the Kevin Paige Kickstarter Exclusive variant cover and the Sketch cover variant. In this tier, writer/creator Robb Cramer will sign all three copies and do a hand drawn sketch on the sketch cover. Who wouldn’t want a classic Cramer drawn cover?

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Benchmark1 731

Project #3: What Follows Is True: Crescent Hotel

What it’s about
: A visually stunning, hand-painted, exhaustively researched work of graphic nonfiction. What Follows Is True depicts the mythologies surrounding the Crescent Hotel’s strange two years as the Baker Hospital, a Depression-era cancer hospital in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Norman Baker claimed to have the cure for cancer, but some people were skeptical. This documentary-style work is a haunting and beautiful visual experience in which the reader is rewarded by multiple visits through the hallways and rooms of an old hotel-turned-hospital in the late 1930’s.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Crescent 238

If you have a crowdfunding campaign that you would like to have included in Fanbase Press’ #CrowdfundingFridays series, please contact barbra (at) fanbasepress (dot) com for details.

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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