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My Thoughts on Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

The wait is almost over. I sit on the couch with my Chihuahua, Rocco, in my lap, wearing my granny shawl and Batman sweats. My boyfriend, Scott, is to my right, hootin’ and hollerin’; it’s the one time of year he acts like a caveman! It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Or, as I like to call it: “The Lady Gaga Concert with Fun Commercials.” Yay!

Yes, it would take Lady Gaga herself to make me watch the holiest of sporting days. Didn’t she sing the National Anthem at some sport thingy last year?  Damn, Lady Gaga! Do you want to chillax on the sporting events for a minute?  I’m busy saving my allowance for your Staples Center Concert after all!

We’ve seen the “Up yours, Trump” Avocados from Mexico commercial. We’ve seen the “Take that!” unifying Coca Cola ad. We’ve seen the freakin’ cool-as-heck-looking trailer for F8. We’ve seen the Justins (Bieber and Timberlake). Good job, boys. Bring on Mother Monster!  Now, they have to set up her stage? Why don’t they just blow her out of a meat cannon, or let her fall out of the ceiling. This boy is getting impatient! Either my math is terrible, or this is more like a 3/4-time show or something. OMG! OMG! They’re setting up Gaga’s stage. Gotta pee really quickly!

Okay, loved the Tiffany’s commercial! Classy, Gaga. Chic. Great message. Highly quotable. “I’m too pretentious, I’m too artistic, I’m too out there.” Now, can I see the halftime show? Mother Monster? May I……pleeeeeeaaaase?!?

Bring the noise.  A-O! Here we go! Showtime!

Wow! The ominous drones filling the sky usher in the mini concert, and the sky was paved with little drones… a big, blue star jutting from stage. Could be patriotism? Could be a pentagram, not sure. Not judging. Opening with a very patriotic “God Bless America” (I couldn’t help but wonder if LG was being a tad sarcastic. I do think it was her way of getting a certain message across without being as in your face as she is want to do.), she was not as political, if at all, as one might have suspected.  Giving no one, really, a reason to hate on her IMO.

I have to add that a lot of the Super Bowl commercials took grand advantage of their huge platform to address some of the insane issues facing our country. I normally wouldn’t mention politics, but this time it’s kind of a big deal.

Where was I? I can’t lie; just ask the queen I work with. I totally predicted that LG would open with “Just Dance” and “Born this Way” and finish with “Bad Romance.” And it should be no other way. Congratulations to LG by singing “Born This Way.” I believe that HAS to be the first time the word “transgendered”has ever made it through microphone at the Super Bowl!

So, she looked beautiful, naturally, in her Gaga-Esque sequin glitter onesie with bolero mask and shoulder pads. Pounding the piano with a foot on the keyboard in maniac talent mode. She wished the audience to “have a good time,” a welcome message in the flurry of the firestorm. It’s true. People are coming unglued and losing their minds over our country’s current situation. And I can’t disagree. The time to fight is now – to reclaim what makes America great. But it’s also time to remember goodness and laughter.

Anyways . . . Gaga slayed, of course, singing all of her most satisfying hits, including “Poker Face,” “Telephone,” “Bad Romance,” and one of my faves from Joanne, the soul-wrenching “Million Reasons.” Gaga ended by dropping the mic.. Literally. And I feel she was justified in doing so. (Although that always seemed a little rude to me. It’s not quite the same as a rock star smashing a guitar, but I’m old-fashioned that way.)

Surprisingly, aside from being introduced by legend Tony Bennet, there were no cameos or duets. I guess Gaga’s enough for one world stage. Heaven knows she’s more than enough for me!  All said, Gaga gave a hell of a show with a happy vibe and all was well with the world.

Well, maybe not quite, but kudos to Lady Gaga and million-dollar huge corporate commercials to remind us of the potential for humanity. As I always say, I still believe in mankind, I’d just like a better showing. And tonight, I think we got one, baby.

Before ending this rather long-winded dissertation (Sorry, gurl.), I have to say I squealed with delight when I saw the teaser for Ryan Murphy’s dishy looking FX series, Feud, starring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon as feuding, aging Hollywood starlets behind the scenes of one of my absolute favorite campy horror movies, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? You’ll be hearing from me on that one, believe you me.

I’m not sure who won the game, but we had a spectacular halftime show from Lady Gaga, a bunch of feel-good and up-yours moments, rallying America commercials, Zac Efron in a speedo for the Baywatch trailer, the freaking trailer for Stranger Things 2, and some bonding time with my bf and puppy… there are worse things I could do.

P.S. Speaking of less-than-worse things I could do . . . I guess now wouldn’t be the worst time to mention I’ll be at WonderCon peddling my LG tribute comic book, “Going Gaga!” and promoting my weekly “Wonder Woman Wednesday” article series for Fanbase Press.

Thanks for the ride, Lady!

Lady Gaga fan art by: Helen Green

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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