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Fanbase Press Celebrates #BatmanDay 2016

Greetings from a darkly lit cavern under the streets of Gotham City!

In early 1939, Action Comics teased readers with a headshot of a mysterious masked man with a square jaw and defined high cheek bones; the tagline claimed, “Don’t miss it! The Batman!” And with Detective Comics #27, readers read the Caped Crusader’s first story written by Bill Finger and illustrated by artist Bob Kane. Dark, mysterious, conflicted, and perhaps controversial, over the years, Batman has moved from the comic book pages to the small screen and the silver screen. And 75+ years on, Batman Day will honor the Gotham superhero (and philanthropist) on Saturday, September 17.

Now in its third year, Batman Day has become an annual tradition for comic book stores, libraries, bookstores (check out Barnes & Nobles announcement of their events), and schools to offer promotions, special signings, and free comic books. DC Comics has set up a dedicated DC Batman Day website for fans to check out an event’s listing and download a free Batman Activity Kit, special deals, and five ways to celebrate, in case you were not sure.

And, if you prefer your content on the go, Comixology is offering up to 76% off Batman eBooks! This includes Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages comics books and Batman story arcs such as Year One, A Death in the Family, The Long Halloween, and Batman & Son. At the very least, go and download the free Detective Comics’ 1939 Issue #27 – it is the very first issue to include a six-page Batman story, “The Case of the Criminal Syndicate.”

If you are attending Long Beach Comic Con this weekend, don’t forget that on Saturday from 5 to 6 p.m. in Danger Room S1 will be The Arkham Sessions Presents: A Spotlight on Jimmy Palmiotti Featuring Harley Quinn. Panelists include Palmiotti and Arkham Sessions resident psychologist Dr. Andrea Letamendi, and it will be hosted by The Arkham Sessions‘ host Brian Ward.

Or, if you are not able to attend, please catch The Arkham Sessions weekly podcast. Plus, check out Fanbase Press’ exclusive content to commemorate Batman Day 2016!

Wait! And, there’s more Batman content, so in case you haven’t read, watched, or listened, here’s what we pulled from the Fanbase Press Bat Cave for you!

From this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International 2016, Fanbase Press chatted with the cast and creative team of the DC animated Batman film, The Killing Joke:

At the Batman: Bad Blood premiere this past February, Fanbase Press was there:

From San Diego Comic-Con International 2015, check out our coverage of Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem!

And, just a few more!

However you celebrate Batman Day, find the Bat Signal and have fun!


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