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Dark Horse Comics Announces Its Upcoming Neo-Noir Graphic Novel, ‘Past Tense’

Next month, Dark Horse Comics will release the sci-fi, neo-noir thriller graphic novel, Past Tense.  The publisher has been very generous to the Fanbase Press staff, as we are now able to share a preview announcement video from the story’s creator and writer, Jason McNamara!


Ashley is a tour guide at PAST TENSE, a company that sends camera drones into the past to view history’s most depraved events. When Ashley discovers Silas Green, an unknown serial killer working in the past, she begins hosting “exclusive” tours of his murders. The only problem? Silas is still alive in the present. And when he learns of his newfound infamy, he is inspired to come out of retirement to make Ashley his final victim: Now and forever.

Creative Team: 
Jason McNamara (writer), Alberto Massaggia (artist/cover artist), and Paul Little (colorist)

We hope that you will enjoy the below video from Jason McNamara, and be sure to pick up your copy on June 21 at your local comic book shop!


Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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