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Writer/Artist Richard Fairgray Shares an Exclusive Preview of the Slice-of-Life Comic Series, ‘Haunted Hill #3’

Acclaimed comic book writer/artist Richard Fairgray (Black Sand Beach, Blastosaurus) recently launched his slice-of-life series, Haunted Hill, exclusively through his website, and he has been very generous to provide the Fanbase Press readers with an exclusive preview of the upcoming issue to be released on Thursday, February 3, 2022!


Eva’s wife got a job she couldn’t turn down. Now back in Haunted Hill (the lowest part of Hollywood that can still claim “Hill” status), Eva must navigate feeling out of place—balancing exhaustion with the desire to be vibrant and adventurous. Haunted Hill circles the drain of a functional life, turning the simplest task into a hilarious ordeal.

According to creator Richard Fairgray, “Haunted Hill started without anything that looked like a plan, it was just the thing I would draw in my downtime between other projects. I didn’t want to even think about where the story could go beyond the next few pages I was writing and this segment was the turning point. I was about to hit my 30th page in two weeks and I realized that I was probably going to keep the story going for a grip. It was also the point where I’d been away from Hollywood for longer than I had been in years and I was really missing my home; drawing some of my favorite places (specifically the fountain with the ugly fish in it) felt very therapeutic.”

Creative Team:

Writer/Artist: Richard Fairgray

We hope that you will enjoy the below preview, and be sure to stay tuned for Issue #3 next week!

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Haunted Hill 0209 a2e
Haunted Hill 0210 64a
Haunted Hill 0211 59c
Haunted Hill 0212 1e6

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