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#AlienDay 2020: Celebrating All Things ‘Alien’ Inside the Fanbase

Greeting, fans of the Alien franchise!

In celebration of #AlienDay 2020, Fanbase Press invites you to check out our exclusive Alien-centric content from our staff and contributors! April 26th marks the annual celebration of the Alien franchise, and the Fanbase Press staff and contributors are proud to honor the films that were set on or within orbit of LV-426 by offering brand new editorials that provide insight and analysis from all corners of the franchise. This year, Fanbase Press explores the horrors within the air ducts of the Atari 2600, offers an exclusive interview with Pitof (Alien: Resurrection’s VFX Supervisor and 2nd Unit Director), and takes on the true villain in the Alien franchise.

That’s not all, so stay frosty! We’ve also compiled highlights of our previously released Alien-related content for our fans to enjoy! Don’t miss out on our thoughts on where the Alien film franchise should head in the future, our coverage of the Alien 40th anniversary shorts released last year, our memories of original Alien comics, our cargo hold of Alien-related video interviews, and much, much more!

Happy #AlienDay, everyone, and remember: On this page, no one can hear you scream!

Here’s a rundown of Fanbase Press #AlienDay 2020 content to add to the celebration:

#AlienDay 2020: In Space, No One Can Hear You Waka Waka Wake – ‘Alien’ for the Atari 2600 – By Fanbase Press Guest Contributor

#AlienDay 2020: The Body Horror of ‘Alien: Resurrection’ – By Fanbase Press Contributor Phillip Kelly

#AlienDay 2020: Corporate Dystopia in the ‘Alien’ Franchise – by Fanbase Press President Bryant Dillon

And, if that isn’t enough content to send you screaming to the nearest escape pod, then look back at some highlights of Fanbase Press’ previously released Alien-related content:

#AlienDay 2018: The ‘Alien’ Cinematic Universe Fans Deserve

An Advance Look at the ‘Alien’ 40th Anniversary Shorts Proves It’s Time for a Female Director to Helm the Franchise

#AlienDay 2018: Remembering ‘Alien’ Differently with ‘Alien: The Illustrated Story’

Fanbase Press’ YouTube The Alien Franchise Videos Playlist




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