‘Future Proof #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

In each issue of Future Proof, things get just a little more complex and a little more twisted. As we learned in the first issues, time travel always has repercussions, and though the purpose of our heroes’ mission is to fix those repercussions, their new adventures can’t help but have repercussions of their own. The threads from previous issues are becoming entwined with one another, and someone is using them to accomplish something sinister.

While previous missions have been to cause the Kennedy assassination and stop the Philadelphia Experiment, this issue’s seems a little tamer. It involves hanging out with Babe Ruth. It’s fairly straightforward, but things aren’t always what they seem—the issue ends with a sinister “Continued in Part 2.”

This is a fun issue, less intense than the previous one, with a bit of dark humor, and just the right amount of intrigue. Every issue draws us further into this strange web of time travel. Issue #3 is one you won’t want to miss.

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